5 Best free VPN for iPhone 2020

Best free VPN for iPhone 2020

Best free VPN for iPhone 2020– When we talk about VPN’s we know that it is a virtual private network that changes your IP address and you can choose your desired country’s IP address.

VPN helps you to hide your original IP address and also channel the speed of your internet connection. It is also helpful for accessing restricted IP’s which are prohibited in your area. It also has some disadvantages like less customer support.

VPN Servers are very less and are dependent on the third party. So be careful while using VPN Applications. These VPN’s might also restrict the daily or monthly usage. Although VPN’s Can be used for normal information gathering and YouTube.

We have brought you the list of top 5 ‘best free VPN for iPhone‘ in 2020 that you can easily use for your day to day surfing-

Best free VPN for iPhone 2020

Here’s a list of “Best Free VPN for iPhone” that works for free and is easy to use:

1. hotspot shield

This Application is a premium VPN service that gives the offer of free which is restricted up to 500MB per day, which is quite less for the present time. You can purchase a plan for surfing more than the daily limit.

It has 2500 servers based in more than 70 locations across the globe and has maximum support up to 5 devices. It has a slight slow performance and a less user-friendly setup.

2. tunnelbear

This application is very authentic which is depicted by its amazing and smooth performance. This is one of the “best free VPN for iPhone” in 2020.

TunnelBrear makes sure that your privacy and security are up to date. It has a restriction of daily usage up to 500Mb and for advanced features, you need to pay for it. But till 500 Mb its completely free. It has 1000+ servers based in more than 20 locations. It is much easier than the Hotspot Shield.

3. Photon VPN

This VPN is not so powerful but it is reliable when it comes to security and privacy. It has an easy user interface and simple graphics which makes it more user friendly. Photon VPN has no monthly limits for free use. the speed can be compromised for unlimited surfing. It has less number of servers and has only 3 locations to choose form.

4. Windscribe

this application is working as a giant when it comes to streaming. Windscride is highly secured and simple that takes care of your privacy. When compared with tunnel bear it has far better service for free the daily limit is around 10 Gb and has a decent speed. It has 10+ servers based on more than 10 different locations. This is one of the best free VPN for iPhone you can use.

5. Psiphon pro

This application is might be an underdog but it equally powerful than all of the known VPNs. I’ve been using this VPN for quite a long time. Apart from having issues with the advertisements and sometimes speed issues, it works fine and is completely free to use. This application as various servers from different nations across the globe.

Conclusion: Best free VPN for iPhone

So these were the list of free VPN for iPhone that you can use in 2020. Comment below and let us know which VPN you prefer the most.

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