5G Technology-Are we ready for the future with 5G Network?

5G Technology
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5G Technology– In today’s world where technology has taken over humans to comfort them to such an extent that is reducing manpower and increasing the demand for Embedded Systems and Artificial intelligence. We live in an era that is flooded with so many technologies that we are completely relying on it and cannot think of a life without it.

What is 5G technology?

What is 5G?- Since everyone is familiar with the 4th Gen (4G) Network and now its time for the 5th  Gen (5G) to take over the internet. 5G is a 5th generation wireless technology for digital cellular communication. A 5G network can do wonders if used positively. With “5G technology”, we will witness the greatest transition in technology.

What are the impacts that 5G would create?- 5G Technology explained-

The new 5G network would not only provide High-Speed Data better than the current 4G network but also make astonishing developments in the field of Electronics Communication and Machine Learning.

5G Speed-How fast is 5G?

How fast is 5G | 4G vs 5G | 5G Speed

5G Speed-How fast is 5G?– Sources claim that 5G would be 100 times faster than the current 4G network that means the time to download something in a few minutes would turn into just a few seconds. The coming 5g network would also bring low latency. In simpler terms, low latency is also known as Response time which is nothing but the time taken by the network to respond to your command.

4G vs 5G

4G vs 5G– The current 4G responds in between 15 to 100 milliseconds which is faster than the human Reaction time that is 300 milliseconds but 5G would respond to you in just 1 millisecond which is 300 times faster than the blink of an eye. This means the word low latency and lag would be completed eradicated and work would be done in real-time.

What makes 5G technology so effective?

A Technology named as millimeter waves will be used to deliver the network. Millimeter-wave is nothing but an extended Radio frequency wave. Generally, our cellular devices and other communicating devices work on a set of radio frequency spectrum which is limited to 6GHz. Hence, if more devices are trying to communicate at the same time and the same place the networks become dense. Then the ISP(internet service provider) sets a limited data packet to the device that results in less internet speed.

This problem will be resolved with the help of millimeter waves as they would deliver data between 30-300GHz in the spectrum. To date, this technology is only used by satellites and radar systems.

5G Network in mobile- Benefits and Drawback

5G Technology
5G Mobile

In the present 4G network we have around 1 million devices connected on a range for 500 sq km whereas in 5G we can connect 1 million devices over 1 sq km. That’s how impactful 5G would be! But we have one drawback that this millimeter-wave cannot travel to a longer distance and responds quick to hindrance or fail to deliver proper connectivity if it comes across any kind of obstacles lets suppose you have a small 5G cell placed approximately near 500 meters away, yet it fails to deliver the network.

Because millimeter-wave range starts from 300-400mtrs and also bad weather would create trouble for these millimeter waves. So to make 5G available to every user, it requires a new network infrastructure setup. And for better connectivity over a small area even in building many small cells must be installed.

5G Launch date in India

Recently there are several phones which have the 5G network mode by the Network service providers are still a little behind in serving these mobiles as in India. It might take a few more time in India to provide a 5G network as there’s a lot of Infrastructure modification that needs to be done.

When 5G network will launch in India?

When 5g network will launch in India? This is still suspense but the next generation is expected to be launch by 2022 across the country.

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5G Technology-Are we ready for the future with 5G Network?
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5G Technology-Are we ready for the future with 5G Network?
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