6 Video Marketing Trends in 2021

6 Video Marketing Trends in 2021
6 Video Marketing Trends in 2021

6 Video Marketing Trends in 2021– Whether it’s a DIY video or a product explainer video, this audio-visual medium is the top digital marketing tool for any business. Potential customers are more likely to download content on their mobile phones than access it through their desktops or laptops. Given the power of videos, they should be part of your digital marketing campaign. 

If you’re worried about creating professional videos, there are online tools to the rescue. Make stunning videos to grab the attention of your customers with the online video editor on this platform. Take your pick from a variety of templates, music, and images to create high-quality videos. 

For greater audience engagement and higher conversions in 2021, you can take a cue from the top 6 video marketing trends this year: 

Explainer Videos With Animation

The animation continues to be popular with all age groups. Using an animated character to demonstrate your product or service engages potential customers better than any other media. There is a higher brand recall for customers since they can identify your animated character instantly. 

Social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube improve brand visibility with video marketing. Animated explainer videos are likely to be the preferred marketing tool for most companies. They will be used for multiple marketing purposes like product or service promotion, customer education, onboarding new employees, and more. 

Introduce a recruit to your company’s policies and procedures through a video compared to an offline manual. Customers are intrigued by how products or services work and what they should do if they face problems. It boosts their confidence, and there is a higher chance they will buy your product. 

Live Stream

Viewers are looking for convenience and what makes live video streams attractive is you don’t need to download them. There are television channels that use live video streams to engage with their audience. It’s now the favorite medium for podcasters, music bands, and yoga instructors. 

Influencers are also joining the live stream bandwagon since their fans can engage with them in real-time through live video streams. The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the movement of people globally and expanded the audience for live video streams. Since live stream video has worked for influencers in 2021, use it for your digital marketing campaign. 

Video streaming makes the customer feel they are part of the influencer’s world. They will spend more time viewing the video since they get to interact with the influencer. Sharing information with your target audience is more effective with video streaming. 

360-Degree Video Experiences

Imagine a video that can record different views at the same time. That’s how 360-degree videos or immersive videos work, and this is the latest video trend likely to attract customers in 2021. You can use this tool for making presentations of your products and services. 

The customer can experience the product or service before buying it through 360-degree videos. Engaging customers through these videos will improve brand loyalty since customers find these videos more exciting than other videos.

Using a video editor, you can directly upload your videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Viewers can share your videos with their group and increase your reach. Referral customers have a high conversion rate. 

Shoppable Videos

Another popular video marketing trend in 2021 is shoppable videos. Conventional videos have a call-to-action element that urges the customer to consider the product or service. However, the potential customer may like your video, but it might not translate into a sale.

The reason for this is the customer might not find or search for a link to buy your product or service after watching the video. This is where you can use shoppable videos that allow customers to purchase the product while watching the video. These videos give you higher conversions compared to other types of videos. 

Customers need to click on a button in the video, and they will be taken directly to your online store. These videos are posted mostly on popular social media platforms, making them easily accessible to viewers. Shoppable videos must be included in your 2021 digital marketing strategy. 

Long Video-Ads

Nothing sells better than a story, and viewers on virtual platforms look for real and true stories. When you use long storytelling in your digital marketing campaign, your videos become credible and trustworthy. Offline or online, the trust continues to be the top priority for customers. 

Like every story, long video ads have an introduction, middle, and conclusion. It’s easier to introduce your product or service to a customer through long video ads. When the details of your product are narrated in the form of a story, the target audience finds it easier to digest. 

The ad discusses the customer’s pain points, the features of the product, and how it can be a viable solution for the customer. These ads usually feature regular people using the brand and how it has helped them. 


A blog presented in a video format is a vlog, and this interactive tool is taking the digital marketing world by storm. While the keywords for generating higher SEO are important in a text-based blog, engaging the customer is easier when you present the information through a video. 

The points you mention in your blog can now be shown to the end customer in a video format. Customers can see the features of the product as you demonstrate its functions. Vlogs are used today by top influencers and major brands to engage with the customer. 

Viewers like to see what a day in the life of an influencer looks like. You can have a YouTube Channel showing how the product has made life simpler for you. You can edit the video using the video editor tool.

Final Thoughts

If you want to retain customers and expand your clientele, you need to invest in video marketing. Attention spans of the target audience are falling, and you need to use different formats of videos you can engage them. Videos allow customers to see how a product or service works, and it helps them make an informed decision.

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