Ad Blocker Apps For Android 2020

Ad Blocker Apps For Android 2020

Ad Blocker Apps For Android– Today we are going to talk about advertisements. We all hate ads in the middle of our streaming and surfing. Sometimes it becomes annoying and embarrassing to surf the internet due to inappropriate ads which might occur during some important meetings that might hamper your image.

We can use several ad-blocker extensions for the Pc but for Android, there is a list of applications that promise to do your work. The “Ad Blocker Apps For Android” is flooded in the play store.

Here we have picked some of the best ‘Ad Blocker Apps For Android‘. Check the list here:

Top 10 Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android in 2020

Ad Blocker Apps For Android are as follows-


AdGuard is a free ad-blocker which filters the ads from the applications and websites. It is simple to use and easy to handle. It works for both rooted and non-root users. The process for non-root users is a little different when compared to root users. It has a well-organized design and works in the background. Ram consumption is also minimal.


AdAway is another application that helps to block ads. It has its host setup which changes the direction of the ads which is coming in your network and also has whitelist feature through which you can choose the ads which you want to see. This process blocks all sorts of ads in your network. It also works fine for games in which ads are a constant problem. It is only available for the rooted device.

3.Block This

Block This application is recently launched and is new for many users. It is different from the majority of the other ad-blockers as it blocks the unwanted  DNS. Developers claim that this application consumes less battery when compared with other ad-blockers.

4.Ad Detector

Ad Detector is an application that helps you to detect ads and total ads displayed by the applications which are installed on your smartphone. This application is lightweight and runs on a simple frame. It does drain out the battery and consumes less space.

5.Adblock plus

Adblock Plus is one of the top-rated application which is known by many of the users. This application works for both rooted and non-rooted devices but has a different configuration for non-root users. This application has a simple user interface and gives you a step by step guide to launch the application on its official website.

6.Adblock Fast

Adblock Fast works for only Samsung users and blocks ads from the browser. The most unique thing about this application is that Adblock Fast restricts “acceptable ads” and it works in an optimized filtering ruleset which results in a fast loading and surfing the internet.

7.AppBrain Ad Detector

AppBrain Ad Detector is a type of security tool that servers as a monitor over all the installed applications and detect the apps that generate ads frequently and helps to solve this issue. This is not like other ad-blocker apps. This application is easy to use and simple to understand. It traps the application that constantly generates push notification and spams. It helps you to get rid of these applications.

8.Disconnect Premium VPN

Disconnect VPN is useful for detecting invisible trackers that keeps your personal data and history for malicious use. It helps to block such trackers for your safe use. The premium version of Disconnect VPN also supports the ad-blocker. This application has to be purchased for availing the premium facilities.

9.AdBlocker Ulitmate Browser

This Brower has a built-in ad-blocker and it also blocks the trackers. This browser will give you a new experience of internet surfing and also fix the loading time and speed of the websites, which results in a fast response. This browser also prevents malware and several phishing sites and keeps you safe.

10.Built-in Ad-block Browsers

There are several browsers like Brave, Vivaldi, Kiwi which can block ads for your smooth and uninterrupted experience. The browser not only works for ad-blocking but provides you additional features. These browsers can hide your identity for safer use and keep you out of reach of malware, trackers, and untrusted websites.

Conclusion: Ad Blocker Apps For Android

So, these were the “top 10 best Ad Blocker Apps For Android in 2020“. If you know any other that we missed out, let us know by dropping your comment below in the comment box.

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