Android 11 Beta 1 version Released- Android 11 New Features

Android 11 Beta

Android 11 Beta– Everyone was waiting eagerly for the Android 11 release and was curious about knowing what new features it going to bring. Well this time Android has kept the focus on user point rather than developer point and it is visible by the initial release of Developers Preview.

On the 10th of June android finally released its “Android 11 beta” 1 version and it comes out to be some new and amazing features. The expected release date is as follows:

  • Android 11 Beta 1: June 2020
  • Beta 2: July 2020
  • Beta 3: August 2020
  • Final build: Q3 2020

What’s new in this Android 11?

Android 11 Beta

The ‘Android 11 beta‘ 1 brings up the new features that they classified into People, Control and Privacy. If you people are already following the developer preview, then you might be familiar with these features.

Android 11 Beta Features

Here is the list of features:

Organized Notification

The new android 11 has organized the notification column by keep the priority to people and has divided into Conversations, Alerting notifications, and silent notifications. Conversations will have all the important messages and chats.

Alert notification will have the other like emails and gamming notifications. The silent notifications will be like fast charging. Not only this but the media play icon which used to appear on the top of notifications has moved to the head of notification settings.

Chat Bubbles

The new feature is that the android 11 says yes to the chat bubbles and is no more hidden somewhere in the developer options. Now you can have chat Bubbles with a smooth workflow. This update is kept for the consumer-focused rather than the developer-focused.

Native screen recording

We have so many rumors for android 10 for the screen recording and now finally the wait is over. The android 11 has launched its screen recording feature with new features as well. Now you can mute your notifications while recording the screen.

Scrolling screenshots

We can now preview the screenshots and has an instant share option for it. The scrolling screenshot is now more simplified and made user friendly to share it. Keeping the people driven development in mind this feature is introduced.

Back gesture Tweaking

In the Gesture Controlling movement in the android 10 we noticed that the user faced issues with switching applications and listing out certain application menus. This feature will have an improved version in the coming android, the sliders will allow the users to control the sensitivity of the gestures. The two sliders will take care of the right and left movement of the screen.

Improved Dark mode

This version will depend on the timing of the day and will have different scheduling options for the day, night, and evening. The time of use will define the dependency of dark more and normal mode.

One Time Permission

Previously we had to allow several permissions for the installation of any application, but now we will have a one-time setting for allowing the permission for the apps to install. This feature will reduce the effort of allowing permission for the camera, microphone, etc. separately.

Android 11 New Features

Apart from these, there are several new features which are added:

  • Improved touch sensitivity
  • Improved display for curved devices
  • Bluetooth won’t disable in Airplane mode
  • Motion control for devices
  • Improved mainline enhancements
  • Reverse charging (sharing the battery)

Android 11 Beta supported devices

Here’s the number of devices that are successfully running the beta version-

Pixel 2, 2 XL, 3, 3 XL, 3a, 3a XL, 4, and 4 XL devices.

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