Artificial Intelligence v/s Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been creating a sudden stir in the IT industry in the recent days. They have been in news since then. Both are quite popular and are often used interchangeably. But they have significant differences in their features.

Several movies feature promising potential about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Most of them, for instance, show that these would be replacing the human minds and hands in most of the areas of work. But when would this completely happen? Perhaps no one is sure about that.

Before some of this happens already, let us investigate these terms more closely.

 Artificial Intelligence

After computers were invented, Scientists and Researchers claimed them as “Logical Machines” or “Mechanical Brains” because of their capacity to solve arithmetic and logical problems faster than mankind and memory. This mere concept of calculation was considered as “Artificial Intelligence” back then. The concept of Artificial Intelligence has evolved since then. Artificial Intelligence was discovered by John McCarthy in 1956. It was considered as a concept of allow machines make human like decisions and perform even more complex tasks than humans. Artificial Intelligence was developed to give computers its own brain so that it was not essential to provide it with instructions all the time.

Artificial Intelligence involved machines that had the ability to carry out tasks’ characteristics of the human intelligence. It is much broader concept than Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence contains characteristics such as:

  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding languages
  • Voice and image recognition
  • Learning
  • Any task that tis considered as “smart”

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. It could be called as a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning is a way of “learning”. This enables algorithms to learn on its own by providing it with a large set of data or enough data so that it could learn from the data, adjust itself and improve continuously.

The phrase “Machine Learning” was given by Arthur Samuel. He was an American pioneer in computer gaming and Artificial Intelligence in 1959. He defined Machine Learning as: “Machine Learning is a field of study that gives the computer the ability to learn without programming it explicitly.” Machine Learning is an application of AI.

Artificial Intelligence is a much broader term that represents the general concept of Machines being able to carry out small tasks. Machine Learning is a subset of algorithms for the AI.

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