Battleground India PubG download

Battleground India PubG download
Battleground India PubG download

Battleground India PubG download – Players Unknown Battleground also known as PubG was removed from the Indian market last year and it has been a lot of controversies because almost everyone has ever played this game once and many were addicted to it.

Last year Indian government banned many of the famous application bases from China because of several tensions ongoing at the border and personal level. 

Several apps among them like Tik Tok, pubg, Camscanner were removed from Indian markets that were used by millions of Indians.

Many Gamers and Indian YouTubers started streaming and making money out of it by playing pubg online and spending hours and hours in the game. Last year Indian government decided to ban these applications and Many Gamers and streamers of video gaming were disheartened because pubg was loved by all.

PubG: Battleground India

Recently we have a lot of news coming that pubg mobile India has been launched with the name of Battleground mobile that is known as BGMI. The game is back in the Play Store and you can play it by doing a pre-registration and getting early access to its beta version. BGMI has been created hype among the players and the many famous streamers.

Although many people were playing pubg with illegal stream and making money out of it now it has been officially launched in the Indian market as well people are getting early access to play. Many of them have been already waiting for a long time. However, the final version is yet to release and the game will soon be open for all but first, for playing now you need early access. Since many of the slots are full and people are waiting especially the youngsters.

You can find the mobile application in the Play Store with a new name and there are many changes in the game. There were several reasons for the government to ban this application as youngsters used to play a lot and they used to invest a lot of time into it. The addictiveness of the game was so severe, that kids even committed some serious crimes as there was a lot of news regarding it. By looking at these factors the game was banned. Also, they have age restrictions and time restrictions as well because youngsters were impacted by this application.

How to download Battleground India

Step 1: go to BMGI’s Official website or Click here:

Step 2: Click on Get Early Access Now

Step 3: After that, a page will open Stating that you’re a tester, find the link to download the app on the mobile and you can log in to your google play-store account.

Make sure you have connected with the same account that you’re using on your Mobile.

So this is the simple step to download BGMI please let me know if you have any problem downloading in the comment section below.

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