Best video calling apps for Android & Windows- Work from home app

Best video calling apps

Best video calling apps for Android & Windows – Ever since this Coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown many people are directed to work from home and ample organizations have asked their employees to Work From Home.

The demand for online video chat app or the ‘best video calling apps for Android & Windows‘ has increased enormously. Video conferencing applications have a lot of potential future which can take over in the coming years.

There are a lot of benefits of video call apps not only because of COVID-19 but other aspects as well. We have created a tally of “Best video calling apps” for Android & Windows. You can use these applications for personal as well as corporate purposes.

Best video calling apps for Android & Windows

Here is the list of few such application which allows you to hold meetings and create private chat rooms. Let’s dive in and see the Best video calling apps for Android & Windows-

1.Google Meet or Hangouts:

This application is available in the play store and does not requires a setup in Windows it runs directly on the browser. It can hold up to 50 participants on a video call and is quite effective when it comes to security. This application comes with a manageable audio/video clarity and can be used to hold meetings or classes.

Download Hangouts- Android | Windows

2.Microsoft Teams:

This application is only available for Microsoft privileged customers. You need to have a membership to avail of this service. Many organizations use this application to communicate with each other countries’ employees. This is solely for business purposes and can hold up to 250 participants. 

Download Teams


This application is only available for iPhone users only and can hold up to 32 participants and works with Mac operating systems. It offers amazing video clarity and provides security. It can benefit from a small conference meeting but only for apple users.


This application is suitable for conference calls as well as one to one calls in which screen sharing is also available. One can share files easily and is a paid application. The free version allows you only to call one to one. It also creates a summary that makes the meeting important points visible and easy to jot it.

Download Slack for Android | Windows


Justalk is available for android as well as for iso and can hold up to 50 participants. Its additional features which are playing games together and allowing you to enjoy with other colleagues is an advantage. This feature makes it stand out from the crowd.

Download Justalk for Android | Windows


Skype is one of the oldest video conferencing application we’ve ever known. Although the Quality of audio/video has been improving over the years. Most people prefer skype because of the easy user interface.

Download Skype for Android | iOS | Windows

7.Google duo:

This application is recently launched by google and is also a part of the G Suite. Google Duo is best suitable for less number of people from a small team or friends. The maximum number of participants allowed in this app is 8.

Download Google Duo


Discord is an application that is solely built for gaming purposes. This application is widely popular among gamers. It allows maximum use of 10 for video calling. It also has features for video streaming which can be viewed by 50 participants.

Download Discord

So, these were the list of Best video calling apps for Android & Windows which you can use. Do comment and let us know if you use any other applications.

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Best video calling apps for Android & Windows- Work from home app
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Best video calling apps for Android & Windows- Work from home app
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  3. That’s a great list! But it’s hard to beat Hangouts and Zoom in this category, right? At least given the current situation… also, how come Zoom is not on this list?

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