Google Photos no longer a free platform for your data

Google Photos no longer a free platform
Google Photos no longer a free platform

Google Photos no longer a free platform– Even though the storage space of our smartphones can go up-to GBs, still it doesn’t cover the number of pictures and videos that keep on assembling daily in our storage space. That’s why most of us prefer Google Photos where all the data from your gallery will have a backup so that even when you lose a picture, you still have it on Google.

Google Photos no longer a free platform

This service was free and we sure did enjoyed it until May 2021, what happens now is that you need to switch to Google One if your space will cross the limit of 15 gigs. It is very shocking though that the unlimited service by Google has now declined but isn’t it how technology works?

In November, 2020 Google announced its new policy regarding Google Photos under which they highlighted these points:

  • From 1 June 2021 the high quality data will be counted towards your Google Account.
  • The free storage access is only granted till 15 GB, once the limit exceeds you need to subscribe to Google One.
  • Google One is new storage plan from Google under which you will be charged monthly for your data storage.
  • Your previous pictures and videos will not be charged if stored prior to the date.
  • Visit the storage page of Google to know more about your current plan.
  • If the user will be inactive or exceed the data limit, the data will be removed from Google drive.

What are other options to look for to store your data?

Amazon Photos: If you are a subscribed member of Amazon, it will easily transfer your data up-to 2GB. If your data is beyond 2GB you can use Amazon Drive Desktop app and the storage space offered is unlimited.

Shutterfly: You can only transfer your pictures automatically from this app with specified resolution and unlimited storage. The app offers 3 plans with an access to 60 GB, 300 GB and unlimited yearly data.

Sony PlayMemories Online: Powered by Sony this service enables you to edit the pictures and videos with unlimited storage option. Also with automatic updating the storage of photos and videos is made hassle free.


Even through there are other apps as well that supports the auto-updating of data but these three topped our list because it is quite evident that having a backup is always a smart choice. Google One will be a smart choice and you need not to panic about your data as it is still secure but for those who want to switch to a higher level paying approx. $2 a month won’t be an issue.

You can also have a copy of your photos and videos on your desktop or additional hard-drive or pen-drive which is although a traditional method but quite effective.

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