Hide photos videos & folders on Android without using App

Hide Photos Videos & Folders on Android without using App– In our previous post, we have already discussed the different applications that we could use to hide pictures on android gallery. Read Here-Top 15 Android Apps to hide Photos and Videos. We could also use various other techniques apart from those applications to hide images and videos. We would take File Manager + for this example explained. People sometimes also use Solid Explorer, ES Explorer, File Manager, etc. Some of the techniques used for performing such tasks could be found underneath.

We do not need to have any additional software to do this.

Hide Photos Videos & Folders on Android without using App

We have two techniques to perform this activity.

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Technique 1: Long term hiding technique

The steps that involve this activity are as follows

1. Create a folder with any name.

2. Add a ‘.’ In front of the name. E.g.- .ABC

3. Adding a ‘.’ Creates a hidden folder.

4. Switch off the display of hidden folders from the Settings.

5. Turn off the features that show “Show hidden files”.

6. Once we move all the files and images in this folder, no one would get access to them.

Technique 2: Hiding files instantly

The above procedure takes a significant time to process. Moving large amounts of sensitive data is quite a tough task to perform. For a more easy and instant process, we can try the following steps.

1. Select the file that contains a less important document. Copy and Paste the folders that you intend to hide. (if the file manager in your phone allows you to create a new file in the folder, you do not need to do this step. Simply create the file.)

2. Inside this folder, rename the file as .nomedia.

3. disable the feature “Show hidden files” option in the settings.

Note: If your phones file manager does not allow the above changes, you would require to use a third party file manager. 

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