Step by step host website on Google drive with custom domain

Host website on Google drive with custom domain

Host website on Google drive with custom domain

Host website on Google drive with custom domain– Did you know you can use Google Drive to host basic websites or even complex JavaScript web apps? You may take advantage of Google drive’s free cloud storage to upload and publish any kind of static content. You can host HTML pages CSS JavaScript icons images audio-video and podcasts on Google Drive.

host website on google drive with custom domain
host website on google drive with custom domain

Here are the main reasons why you should do it.

  • It’s free

It saves hundreds of dollars per year in web hosting.

  • It’s secure
  • No bandwidth limits
  • No Down Time

Your website will never be down. Google servers are very reliable.

  • No FTP software needed

If you want to change something just replace the file in your Google Drive folder. The disadvantages are if your website was made with WordPress, Joomla or PHP, this will not work for you. This is only for static websites. Google Drive URL structure cannot be changed. But no worries there is a way to use, your custom domain name. I will guide you step-by-step to host your website on Google Drive. Then I will show you how to assign it to your custom domain name. let’s start.

I assume you already have your website files.

Step 1:

The first thing you need is an index.html file. This file will be served when someone tries to access your website.

Step 2:

Next, we drop the website folder in Google Drive preferably in the root.

Step 3:

Now make this folder public.

Step 4:

Right-click on the folder and select get a shareable link. Before we continue further make sure the folder name starts with www.

Step 5:

Now open a new tab in your browser and type DRV DW.

  • Select Google Drive.
  • Sign in with the email associated with the Google Drive account where you uploaded the website files.
  • Click allow.

Now your website is hosted on Google Drive.

This is the new URL to your website.

Host website on Google drive with a custom domain

If you want to use a different domain with your website, follow the steps-

Step 6:

host website on google drive with custom domain
host website on google drive with custom domain

Copy the URL and login to your domain provider. I recommend purchasing your domain names from They have the best prices and amazing support.

Step 7:

Select the domain you want to manage. Remove any name servers from your previous web hosting provider.

Step 8:

Next, you have to add a new cname record.

  • In the host field type “www
  • In the value, field paste the website URL you generated previously in Step 5.
  • Remove the HTTPS prefix and remove all the text that comes after the DRV TW.
  • In the TTL field select 30 minutes to allow your visitors to access your domain without www.

Step 9:

  • You must add a new URL redirect record.
  • In the value field type HTTP followed by your domain name.

The records should take up to 30 minutes to get accepted globally. However, since you just changed name servers, it can take up to 48 hours for your site to be up.

Again, you can track the progress of propagation with the help of these tools- “” to check your website. Before the propagation is complete try this proxy tool which bypasses DNS and local cache- “”.

When your DNS is successfully propagated, check the speed of your website. If your website is slower than it used to be, you can take one more step to make it load faster.

  • Go to “” and create an account.
  • Add a new website.
  • Type your domain name.
  • Choose a free plan. It’s free forever.
  • Copy the value of cname record.
  • Create a new text record and in the name field type WWW. In the value field paste the text you copied previously and type DRVTW= followed by the text you copied.
  • Save it and click add record.
  • Copy the DNS values and go back to your domain provider and paste it in the name server fields.

Congratulations!! Your website is now online with no hosting costs.

Comment below if you any questions.


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    Thank you for the tutorial.

    Btw is it really no bandwidth limits ?
    I was share a graphic freebies and host it on GDrive that has downloaded hundred thousands time, once I got a warning something like this “Too many users access this file”, and the file isn’t available for around 24h.

    I think if we host a website there, and got tons of traffic, it can be a problem ?

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