How to Chat Secretly using QR Code?

How to Chat Secretly using QR code? – Have you ever kept secret anything? Have you ever wanted to hide something or have a secret that you know and except you, nobody knows? Everybody has some secret in their life, maybe it can be some beautiful memories, it can be your “personal chats”, or it can be your password or anything that is personal and not shareable with anybody.

Today people have a secret but maintaining that secret is somehow a difficult job. As we are in the world of Technologies and around 70% of the population are using technology for their personal use but from that many of the people don’t know how to secure data or how to make your data safe or we can say secrets.

What is QR Code (Quick Response Code)?

What is QR Code? Have you ever thought about QR codes? What does it actually mean and why QR codes are used?  Mostly you find a QR code on various product and labels. What does QR code be for?

A QR code is basically a combination of the black and white square, used to store the URL or the Description of the product.

Imagine, what if we use QR code for our personal chat? Isn’t it interesting? What if I say that you can chat secretly using QR code with your friends. No chats can be read out by the other person. Couples can easily chat with each other. It can also be used for proposing each other. Boys can make a QR code to propose in a technical manner. It can be used by friends for fun, with a new and interesting pattern.

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So, let’s start and learn ‘How to chat secretly using QR code?’ It requires only two apps that are available free on play store. These apps are-

1. QR Code Generator


2. QR Code Reader


After installing this app follow the following steps:-

Step -1

Open the QR Code Generator.

Step -2

Choose the content type like Text, URL, E-mail, Phone, Geolocation by touching in the highlighted area to make that of QR Code.

Step -3

After selecting the content write the content according to the selection type, whatever you want to share secretly and then touch on the Generate Button.

Step -4

After pressing the Generate button, a QR code will be generated and then take a screenshot of that and send to the specific person.

Step -5

You can also change the output style by touching on the selected area.

Once you have completed and send the QR to the specific person, ask them to scan that QR Code and read the secret message that you have sent. The person can use either their inbuilt Scanner app (E.g – MI mobile have inbuilt scanner app) or can download the scanning app from the link given above having name QR Code Scanner.

On scanning the QR Code sent by you, the person will find your secret message as shown below-

Cheers! Now you can chat secretly using this trick. You can also check your past chat history by clicking on History tab.

Enjoy! If you have any issue while following this, please comment below.

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