How to check Jio call history online | How can I check Jio call history online

How to check Jio call history online

How to check Jio call history online– Reliance Jio is the biggest and leading game player in the telecom industry. It has around 331.3 million users around the globe. The reason why Jio has millions of users is its service and attractive features. Today we will be discussing one amazing feature of Jio, i.e. “How to check Jio call history online or How can I check Jio call history online”.

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Jio has provided an amazing facility to the users where they can check the Call, SMS and Data details of the past 180 days on MyJio app.

So, let’s dive in and see “How you can check Jio call history online?”.

How to check Jio call history online

There are few easy steps that you must follow to check Jio call history. So, let’s get started.

  1. First of all Login to MyJio App with your Jio number
  2. Now from the dashboard select Statement
  3. Now click on View Now Button
  4. Now click on Usage Charges
  5. After clicking on Usage Charges, you will see that there is three option of Data, Voice, and SMS.
  6. You can click on any of the tabs to know the usage
  7. If you want to know the call detail, then click on Voice and a list of calls will appear.
  8. You can also download these statements if you want.

By using this step, you can easily find any detail like Voice, Data, SMS, etc.

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Check Jio call history for another number

But what to do, if you want to check others phone usage. Then follow these simple steps, you will surely get it.

  1. After logging to your MyJio account, Go to Link new account
  2. Now type the number of which you want to find the detail
  3. Now enter the OTP and hence you have linked the account
  4. Now simply follow the above steps and you will get all the details regarding Data, Voice, and SMS

I hope you have definitely followed these steps and if not then you must try this. You can also share your ideas or views in the comment box.

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  1. Harsha Sing

    This feature is really very helpful. Last month I lost my phone and I was using Jio sim on it. Luckily the person who stole it was using my sim card for data and for some calls. After 2 days I re-issued that Jio number and tracked the call history of last 3 days. I got all the numbers to whom the person has called. I contacted the person and reported the police.

    After 2 days I got my phone back.

    Thanks Jio for this amazing feature.

    1. Deepak Thakur

      Yes, this is really a great feature. Good to know that you got your phone back. Cheers!

      1. Saurav

        But only dialled call history shows not received call

        1. Vikesh Kumar

          It will more helpful If user get all call details include received and dialed.

    2. Raj

      These may usefull only for outgoing call facility not for incoming calls facility

  2. Cristina Nelson

    Such a helpful article and interesting to read, I also love using Jiofi and I think that knowing my Jio number was also important like knowing my passwords on this device.

  3. Petty Bliss

    I’ve been using Jio.dongle for six months now and I can say that I really love using it. And if you are having a problem on how to connect your Jiofi dongle to any device, no need to worry for the reason that it is easy to do.

  4. Zaira Thomas

    I love the article and the choices given. I’m using Jio app is a really cool app! However, I don’t find the music that most of the movies are actually bad or unpopular on iOS. It would be more interesting to see how the app performs when you have a mobile device with an iPhone 4S. It is a very simple way to create and share videos. If they get popular, it will be a lot of work. You know you can make this app on a tablet.

  5. David Chu

    Nice, we really need that kind of feature from our gadgets. I just wanted to know if I can also download jio tv for pc, I’m saying this I really love using jio for watching movies, tv shows, etc. on my phone or tab. Hope someone answer me this?

  6. Lauryn Cates

    This is well news to all jio fans out there. I was using jio for a year now and I’m having a problem with how to change SSID on my device, can someone help me with it. Thanks in advance!

  7. Gaurav

    Thanks for the info it really worked.
    Note: “in the new opened tab, tere are horizontal tabs for call sms and data
    fomr which we selected call and given us all mobile numbers

  8. Rishabh

    How do i get the recieved call history?
    Please let me know..

    1. Deepak Thakur

      Jio has not yet introduced any feature to check the received call history. We will update you if Jio introduces this feature in the future.

  9. Sagar

    Very nice info, but can you suggest to us regarding, how to get Jio Prepaid number call history of last one year?

  10. M Patel

    Plz Introduce As early As possible
    for Incoming calls history feature
    in jio Application
    its Huge Demand for jio Subscriber
    Same Question Repeated Customer again & again
    for Received call history

    1. Deepak Thakur

      You can only get the OUTGOING call details of your number from MYJIO app. However, in severe cases for a real reason, you must visit Jio store and they will forward a mail and request the call details on your number

  11. Hasan

    How can get more than one year call records of jio Number plz help to revover old call list

  12. Rutu

    Please add new feature of call recording data, & also add incoming call history in it.

  13. Sanjay

    to get Jio number call history of last one year?

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