How to download TikTok after ban?

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Is it possible to download TikTok after ban?

How to download TikTok after ban? – How can we download TikTok after ban? TikTok is a Chinese video sharing application that was created by ByteDance for sharing small videos. It was originally named as Douyin in China. The Chinese company released the app in the overseas market by the name TikTok. This app has been banned in many countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and very recently in India. The Madras High Court had banned TikTok claiming that the App was used to promote pornography and pedophiles. Many parents’ complained that their child became easy prey of sexual predators that are available online.

How to download TikTok after ban?

As we have already discussed, the ban on TikTok would have a bare minimum effect on TikTok users. Here are the reasons why.

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The TikTok application has been banned from the Play Store and iOS store. This application is still available for those who have already downloaded the app and are using it. For those who want to install the application fresh, there are many websites that are offering the application in spite of its ban in India.

TikTok download apk

The TikTok apk is not available in the official Google Store or iOS Store but can be downloaded from third-party app stores. The users just need to type “TikTok download apk” and they will find a large number of sites that are showing its availability. Some of the popular websites that can show the availability of TikTok are APKmirror, APK Pure, Softonic, apkmonk, etc. The downloading of the file can be done by following the steps mentioned in the respective sites. We would advise the users to also install some mobile security solution on android phones. These solutions would be helpful in scanning the files for viruses before installing.

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The iPhone users would have to wait to download the app until the ban is officially removed. iOS does not allow users to use third-party software to download websites.

This ban has resulted in the removal of the app from the official app download stores of Google and iOS. The people need not worry as using this app is still not a crime in India. The users already having a TikTok account may continue using it to create content on the site.

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