How to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode?

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How to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode? –  The WhatsApp dark mode update is preparing for its release in the dark mode beta version. Wondering about How to enable WhatsApp Dark mode? Come, let us find out more.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

The application developers are taking interest in the idea of introducing a dark theme to the android applications that are popularly being used. After the successful launch of dark theme modes in the Google Chrome, Facebook Messenger and YouTube, WhatsApp has geared itself to step in to the dark world with WhatsApp Night Mode APK. The introduction of WhatsApp Dark Mode could be one of the biggest users demanded change in the feature of WhatsApp Applications.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Update

The WhatsApp Dark Mode Update has been released in the beta version. It is still not available to the users. The update has been launched in its Android version 2.19.82. the latest look from the WhatsApp Dark Mode update has caused a lot of sensation. It is definitely hinting towards the launch of this feature soon. The WhatsApp beta tracker has also found some evidences of the Dark Mode in the 2.19.82 beta version update. The Dark Mode on Android might not be OLED friendly. Due to this reason it may give the dark mode as a pure grey look.

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How to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode?

The WhatsApp Dark Mode feature is quite beneficial to the potential eye strain problems of the users. The WABetaInfo is busy in analysing the beta version of the WhatsApp Dark Mode. This is perhaps an attempt to gain a knowledge about the forthcoming features.

Is it possible to enable WhatsApp dark mode in the WhatsApp Dark Mode beta version?

One way to have a darker theme in WhatsApp is to choose any dark colour from the Solid Colour theme options available for Chat Background. This could be enabled from the Settings panel.

There is an alternative to enable the WhatsApp Dark Mode. This is known as the GB WhatsApp. The GB WhatsApp can be used to get the WhatsApp dark mode theme without resorting to rooting.

To activate the dark mode using GB WhatsApp, first we need to download the application. We need to activate the Unknown Origins items box. After the software is downloaded, it needs to be installed in the similar fashion as of WhatsApp. The interface of this software is quite different from WhatsApp. On the main screen we press the Options button to enter into More Adjustments Sections. This would give access to some predefined themes that are offered in this application. In the Pro Android mode, the complete Dark mode is available.

After the changes are done, we need to restart the applications to apply changes on the applications properly.

Know more about GB WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Dark Mode Release Date

WABetaInfo is testing the alpha and beta version of the software. The beta version of WhatsApp is also available, but this has not been enabled for the normal users. If you are a beta tester, you can install the Dark mode of WhatsApp. WABetaInfo has declared on twitter that WhatsApp is looking forward towards WhatsApp dark mode theme.

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Although WhatsApp has not declared any official date for the release of the feature update, it is being expected soon.

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