How to increase RAM using USB pendrive

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How to increase ram using USB pendrive – Friends, we have a lot of expectations when we bring a new computer to our home. We believe that our new PC will run all our applications and games smoothly. But in all this, we forget to see the system requirements.

There are a lot of applications where the only Processor is not working alone but parallelly it requires a large volume of RAM also. For e.g – While working with Photoshop or video editing software, we do not get the expected performance due to lack of RAM.

How to use Pendrive as RAM

So, if you think that you need to increase your Pc’s RAM then there is a special feature in your PC from where you can ‘use pendrive as RAM’.

Boost your computer performance

From Windows 7 to Windows 10, there is a special feature of Windows where you can ‘use pendrive as RAM’ or ‘use pendrive as RAM for gaming’ and “Boost your computer performance”.

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If you are also running any application which requires more RAM than your PC has then, go to and type in application name followed with system requirement. For e.g- Photoshop system requirement. Then look for the minimum and recommended RAM for that application.

So, let’s see How to increase RAM using USB pendrive.

How to increase RAM using USB Pendrive

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How to use pendrive as ram in windows 10

Step 1: Insert your Pendrive to your PC.

Step 2: If you wish to format your pendrive, format it. If not, then there is no issue. Your pendrive must have free space to use as RAM.

Step 3: Now Right Click on pendrive and go to Properties. You will find different tabs like General, Tools, Hardware, etc.

Step 4: Click on ReadyBoost Tab. Here you will find three options.

  • Do not use this device.
  • Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost.
  • Use this device.

The 1st option is selected by default which indicates that your pendrive is not being used as RAM. On selecting the 2nd option, your entire free space on pendrive will be used as virtual RAM. And when you choose the 3rd option, you will be allowed to manually set the size of the RAM. You can do so by entering the RAM size in the box below in MB.

Note: 1GB=1024MB

Step 5: Here I am going with the 3rd option and keeping my RAM size to 2GB i.e 2048MB.

Step 6: Hit apply.

Now open your pendrive. You will see an icon called Ready Boost inside your pendrive which is the virtual RAM. You can check it’s size by Right clicking on it and checking properties.

Congratulations! Now you are ready to boost your computer’s performance and use pendrive as ram for gaming or other purposes.

If you want your pendrive back to original state then, Right Click > Properties > ReadyBoost Tab > Do not use this device.

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