iOS 14 Beta released by Apple- Checkout features, supported devices, release date

iOS 14 Beta

iOS 14 Beta released by Apple– The most awaited Apple iOS 14 is here in its Beta version. WWDC event was organized virtually amidst of COVID-19 lockdown which was indeed a class apart.

Apple has added a lot of new features in the iOS 14 that is similar to the Android (Click to know what’s bundled in Android 11 Beta). At the WWDC conference, we witnessed the whole new edition of the future of Apple iOS. They have not only worked on the design part but also made astonishing changes to the traditional user interface.

iOS 14 Features- What’s new in iOS 14 Beta?

iOS 14 Beta
iOS 14 Features

Here’s a list of iOS 14 Features that you’ll notice in the ‘iOS 14 Beta‘.

#1.App Widgets:

iOS 14 Beta
App Widgets- iOS 14 beta

This new update is probably everyone’s talking about and many of them also say that it’s a step towards Android.

App widgets have drawn a lot of attention for the new “iOS 14 Beta” version and are the thing everybody is talking about. Now you can have widgets on your home screen along with the other applications side by side.

A new widget called smart stacks is included which is a group of other widgets and you can simply scroll between them.

#2.Organized App library:

iOS 14 Beta
Organized App library- iOS 14

Apple has now given priority to the apps classification. In other sense, you will have certain groups of applications together in a folder and no more flooding to multiple screens.

You can choose the number of screens you want to put for a better user experience. Now it also has application lists that are arranged alphabetically.

#3.Improved memojis and emoticons:

The new memojis are included along with the face mask. We also get a smart keyboard that will detect the emojis by typing it. Like the typical Android keyboard.

#4.New Map Features:

iOS 14 Beta

Now the coming update will bring the new map features in which you will have additional cycling electric vehicle features. This might be restricted up to some areas only for the initial point of view.

#5.Unlock car with iPhone:

Now you can unlock your NFC compatible car currently BMW series with just your iPhone. Keys may not be an issue for now on, also you can share your car keys virtually to any people you want. You can also decide the duration of the key to working for your car.

#6.Smart Airpods switching:

If you have multiple devices and have paired your Airpods to them then now you can easily switch it between them. You do not need to disconnect and connect with other devices but it will detect itself what user is currently using.

#7.Picture in picture video:

iOS 14 Beta

Finally, iPhones will now support real multi-tasking. Now you can minimize your videos or facetime call in the new coming update. You need a simple swipe to minimize the video. It also supports the video to run in the background with a small sidebar which makes it disappear from the screen but you can hear the audio at the same time.

#8.Translator app:

Apple has launched its translater app although at the initial time it supports fewer languages. It is very promising and chances are that they will extend their language library in the coming update.

iOS 14 Beta new features

Apart from this other iOS 14 features were also included like:

iOS 14 Beta
  • Call notifications will now not take up the entire screen rather than settle that the top like a notification.
  • A small led indicator is included for indicating the apps which use the camera or microphone. It draws green light for the phone’s camera being used and orange light for the microphone.
  • iOS 14 also has included calibration for the night mode camera, to allow the user to hold the phone in a still position for better picture experience.
  • It has the NFC taps for customizing your shortcuts. You just need to tap thrice or twice at the back for your iPhone and your assigned shortcut will open.

iOS 14 supported devices

Here’s the list of iOS 14 supported devices-

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 pro
  • iPhone 11 pro max
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s plus
  • iPhone SE(1st generation )
  • iPhone SE(2nd generation )
  • iPod touch(7th Generation)

iOS 14 Release Date

Apple has not yet announced the iOS 14 release date officially but iOS 14 is most likely to hit the market by mid-September 2020.

iOS 14 Beta Download

You can install and download “iOS 14 beta” form here.

So, these were the new features that I found in the coming iOS 14. Do let me know if anything I’ve missed in the comment section.

iOS 14 Beta released by Apple- Features, supported devices | techlabuzz
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iOS 14 Beta released by Apple- Features, supported devices | techlabuzz
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