What is Pegasus Spyware and how it spy’s your WhatsApp?

Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus Spyware is a bug identified by WhatsApp in May 2019. It is spyware developed by an Israeli company, NSO. Pegasus is a bug present in the WhatsApp call function which installs malicious code into the user’s phones.

How does Pegasus Spyware enter into your phone? Pegasus Spyware how it works?

Pegasus Spyware

The malicious code is transmitted by calling the target phone on WhatsApp. This malicious code enters the phone even if the call is not answered. Some reports say that the log of that particular call gets erased automatically. WhatsApp call is the only way to deliver the Pegasus spyware into a phone.

What Pegasus Spyware can do?

Once the “Pegasus Spyware” Whatsapp is installed on your phone, it can send your phone contacts, calendar events, phone calls and messages on communication apps like WhatsApp and Telegram to the spyware’s controller. It can steal messages from even services that offer encryption because it was taking the messages before the encryption process, according to anti-malware service Kaspersky. The controller can also turn the phone into a spying device by switching on its camera or microphone.

How safe you are?

Mostly the Android devices are at a higher risk. As claimed by the Kaspersky, Apple’s iOS security update 9.3.5 take care of the vulnerability exploited by Pegasus. Google, in an earlier blogpost, says it identifies infected Android phones and disable the malware and informs the targets.

How To Prevent Pegasus Attack?

The Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp has listed the two precautionary measures-

  • Always use the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Always keep your operating system updated to receive the latest security patches.

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