Realme Band Launch date, price, specification and design

Realme Band– Realme has finally revealed the launch date, specifications and price of its first-ever fitness band- “Realme Band” in India. The company has showcased most of the features of its first fitness smart band.

Features and Specification of Realme Band

Realme Band

The company has said that Realme Band is one of the first IoT products by the company. IoT stands for the Internet of Things. Click to read more about IoT. Many features of the fitness tracker have already been revealed before the launch.

The band carries a colored display with a single utility button on the bottom of the screen. The only button is used to operate the fitness band. One can cycle between different menus and options using a single button.

There are various activity trackers being offered by the smart band. These include an activity like running, cycling, walking, yoga, hiking, climbing, and also cricket. The ‘Realme band’ is also capable of measuring the Heart Rate and calories burnt thought the activity mentioned above.

Realme Band

The company claims that the band is IP68 water and dust resistant. The band can be paired with any smartphone via Bluetooth. This Band is also capable of showing all types of messages and notifications.

The single button placed at the bottom can be used to navigate between the menus. Any activity can be started by long-pressing the button. The device also carries the feature of sleep tracking.

Realme Band

When it comes to charging the band, there’s no need to carry any additional cable along with the band. There’s an inbuilt USB present in the main body. It can be directly plugged into any PC, Laptop or adapter.


Realme Band

Realme Smartband is designed quite similar to the other fitness tracker available in the market. The design is simple and attractive. It arrives with a healthy section of different colors like Green, Yellow, and black. The body of the band is a bit curved so that it can fit and sit on the wrist.

Launch date and Price of Realme Band

The fitness Band will officially go on sale on March 5th, 2020 on Realme official site. The sale will begin at 12:30 PM IST and a “Hate to Wait” sale will start in the evening around 02:00-04:00 PM.

As far as price is concerned, the fitness tracker may come with a price tag of Rs. 1500 in India.

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Realme Band Launch date, price, specification and design
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Realme Band Launch date, price, specification and design
Realme Band- Realme has officially revealed the launch date, price, specification and design of its first-ever IoT featured band. Smart band
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