Send Message To The Person Who Blocked You On WhatsApp

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Send Message To The Person Who Blocked You On WhatsAppIn today’s world we all know that the fact is the WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging app in the world.

There are many who prefer to send messages or call on WhatsApp rather than normal calling. However, when we face any problem from any one it provides us the facility to block someone over it. There comes a situation where the blocked person has no power to unblock itself. So, here I am going to tell you a trick where you can ‘Send message to the person who blocked you on WhatsApp’.

So, let’s begin….

WhatsApp Unblock Hack

Guys, generally we all have faced this problem in our lives at least once. Sometimes, we want to message a person but we can’t because he or she has blocked us. So, we think that is there is any idea to “Send message to the person who blocked you on WhatsApp” or how to overcome this situation.

How to unblock yourself on WhatsApp 2019

Let’s see what exactly the trick is? There is no “WhatsApp unblock app” is required. So the trick is to ask someone to create a WhatsApp group from their phone and include that person and ourselves in that group. Now, once the contact that has blocked you and you are in the same group with other people also, then you can send a message to that person who has blocked you.

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Now, you all are thinking that how this trick will work? So, when you are added in the group with that person the security code gets changed, and hence you are able to send the messages.

WhatsApp is very secure as it provides the encryption which has a security code, and this code is unique for every participants. So there will be no chance to get your sent message to any third party.

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