Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC 2019

Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC 2019

Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC 2019 We all want the Android emulators on our PC due to a lot of valid reasons. Some of the valid reasons are that App developers may want to test their application before shipping it out. Gamers want to use a mouse and keyboard on their games. In any case, Android emulation on PC is possible and in today’s article, I am going to tell you some of the ‘best Android Emulator’.

Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC 2019

Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC 2019

Who uses emulators?

There are three main uses for emulators:

One of the most common and it’s for gaming. Gamers can use emulators on their computers to make some games easier to play by using a mouse and keyboard. They don’t have to depend on the battery life of their devices. Best emulators for gaming include Bluestacks, MeMu, KoPlayer, and Nox.

The second most common use case is for development. Android app and game developers like to test apps and games on as many devices before launch to check its functionalities.

The final main type is productivity. Any emulator also works as a productivity emulator The emulator used for productivity is ARChon and Bliss.

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Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC 2019

Let’s dive in and have a look at the ‘Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC 2019’.

Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC 2019
Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC 2019

#1.Android Studio’s emulator

Price: Free

It is the default development console for Android and its absolutely free. It has a lot of tools to help developers to make apps and games specifically for Android.  This is also a built-in emulator that one can use to test out your app or game. But the setup is complicated, and it can take a very long time. It also supports Kotlin and one of the excellent emulators for developers.


Price: Free

It works as an Android emulator for PC via the virtual machine. It can also run on the computer through a USB stick. The USB installation method for this emulator is even more complicated, but it lets your computer actually run Android natively from the boot. The system runs Android Oreo and that’s among the newer versions of Android offered on an emulator.


Price: Free / $2 per month

It is one of the heaviest emulators on the list. It is the most mainstream of all Android emulators. There are several reasons to use this emulator. The first reason to use that it is compatible with Windows and Mac. Also, it gets regular updates. This emulator targets mobile gamers. Special features include key-mapping and settings for many games installed. That should help make things much easier.


Price: Free

It is one of the classic Android emulators for PC. It has a simple design and is very easy to use. It is mainly popular for gamers. However, like most Android emulators but you can do productivity stuff if you want to. Its last update was on March 28th, 2016. It is also compatible with Mac.


Price: Free with paid options

This Android emulator is mostly for developers. It provides you the feature to test your apps on multiple devices without owning them. The great thing about this app is it is available on both a desktop computer and the cloud. You can configure the emulator for a variety of devices with various versions of Android to help suit your needs.


Price: Free

This is a newer Android emulator for PC. Its main focus is for gaming. Players will also be able to record gameplay and upload it wherever they want. The install process is quite easy. It also runs in a virtual machine like most other Android emulators.


Price: Free

MEmu is another of the upcoming Android emulators that is very good for gamers but also you can use for productivity. One of its biggest features is that it supports both AMD and Intel chipsets. It is very for the developers that specifically pay attention to AMD’s platform. Apart from this it also supports Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop. You can run multiple instances at once for multiple games or testing features.


Price: Free

Nox is a famous Android emulator for PC for gamers. This includes key-mapping with your keyboard, actual controller support, and even the ability to key-map gesture controls. you can also assign the function to swipe right to an arrow key and use that in a game without actual hardware controller support. Using this emulator is a lot of fun. It’s absolutely free.


Price: Free

It is kind of a standout in the Android emulator space. It’s not actually an emulator. To install this, you have to do partition on your computer, and it boots up running native Android. It’s fully focused on Android gaming experience, but you can use this for productivity also. It includes a gaming center, support for mouse and keyboard, and access to most Android apps and games. It has a very amazing feature as you can multitask, watch the video, or play games.


Price: Free / Enterprise options

Xamarin is an IDE and very much similar to Android Studio. This comes with a built-in emulator for an app or the testing of the game. This is highly recommended for the developers. The setup is simply too tedious for regular consumer use. Xamarin’s emulator is not as powerful as something like Genymotion, but if you intend on using this and it provides you to get work done. And also configurable for your needs. It’s free for personal use.

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