Top 10 Best apps like TikTok for Android & iOS

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Top 10 Best apps like TikTok for Android & iOS Finally, after a lot of controversies on the order of the Madras High Court on April 3, the popular Chinese app TikTok has been banned by the Indian Government. That’s why all the TikTokians has started probing for the best alternatives of TikTok apps. So, we are here with “Top 10 Best apps like TikTok for Android & iOS”.

First, Dubsmash came in the market, it became so popular among people to lip-sync dialogs of movies. But, it has some limitations at that time Dubsmash app was not providing the option to edit videos with filters, effects, stickers, etc. So, people ran towards a new app named musically.

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Musiacally has good video editing feature. People loved this app and it became vey popular in very short time. Later this app was acquired by Chinese company Byte Dance and they merged Musically with TikTok app.

And after that, TikTok takes the place of musically and become trending all over the world. This app is very popular to show the talent of the people online.

But, now the Indian government banned TikTok. This app was previously banned in Pakistan and Bangladesh for displaying adult contents which are unsuitable for the age group of below age 20.

So, here we are providing the list best

Top 10 Best apps like TikTok for Android & iOS – alternatives of TikTok app

1. Dubsmash

At first, when Dubsmash was launched, it has only the feature of lip sync video. But it’s totally updated now. Now, you can do lots of things with it like add music, quotes or sounds to your video quotes, fun musical sounds can add your own sounds to dub with it.

2. Like

LIKE is India’s most popular App. It is a video sharing community. The app provides trendy lip-sync music videos, video status. It provides video editing tools with magic effects and a good collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, European pop music clips.

3. Vigo Video

It is a short video maker app. By using this video one can make funny short videos and also you can show your talent like singing, dancing, comedy, cooking, art, beauty, etc. to the world in just 15 seconds. It has a feature that you can add special effects & animated stickers to make your video more effective in this app, you can meet people who have similar interests in your area or around the world. The best part is they give you get paid if your video gets enough views, likes, and comments and you can convert redeem it to your bank account.

4. Shabaam

Shabaam is an amazing app which gives you the facility to celebrate an event or surprise your friends by making a GIF for any situation. You can dub your own voice, record your audio, also can make funny GIFs and share them with friends. Current this app is a Beta release. So there might be some pop-up bugs.

5. Kwai

Kwai is one of the best video social networks. By using this app one can gain millions of fans around the world and can get reward and cash revenue. This app provides you the feature to edit video with 4D motion effects, animated filters, dynamic stickers, different text fonts, and also video editor tools like trim, cut, crop, merge, stitch footage by using this you can edit your videoes. You can do lip sync to your favorite movie scenes, songs, dramas. They regularly host fun challenges, dance battles, and special events. You can share your videos and stories that can last 48 hours.

6. Funimate

Funimate is used to make awesome music video clips, lip-sync videos, slow-motion videos, and effects, hundreds of emojis, funny stickers, texts, to edit your videos. This app also provides the facility of merging, trimming, cutting, and editing videos also you can collab with your friends on Funimate video maker. They give daily challenges in the app and will increase your followers and popularity. It has one of the unique features that it provides the facility to share videos on WhatsApp

7. Triller

Triller is used to create awesome videos, shoot beautiful films, make celeb-quality music videos, and collaborate with friends to make videos in a few seconds. You can easily create a professional looking music video using their unique auto-editing algorithm. This app provides you one of the features to If post story in Instagram or WhatsApp with singing, acting, dancing with unique style then Triller will help you.

8. Lomotif

This app is one of the best music video editors for iOS users. Later they launched it for the Android version also and it’s gaining popularity slowly. With this app, you can add music, join video clips, add photos, make collage/montage and many more things. It also provides the facility to crop, trim, cut, duplicate, zoom in-out, etc and also you can add title and text overlays to your videos. And you can also make videos and song for “Birthday”, “Best Friend”, “Anniversary”, etc. easily. By making this video you can share it on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Messenger, and other social sites or chatting apps.

9. Cheez

Cheez is easy to use video maker app. You can use editing tools to trim, merge, cut, and duplicate video clips. Music videos, dance, lip-sync, etc. things that all video social networks are providing also included in the Cheez app. It gives reward to video maker and you can make real money.

10. Firework

Firework is a new app in the market of the short video maker. It provides you the community collab with the other people around the world. Install Firework and share your sparking videos with your friends. It has weekly video challenges in which you win amazing cash prizes.

Well, we have listed the ‘Top 10 Best apps like TikTok for Android & iOS‘ devices above. So, if you want to use the apps which are exactly the same as the TikTok then you can go and download these from the Play Store and App Store and enjoy.

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