Top 10 best ps4 games 2020 which you must give a try

Top 10 best ps4 games 2020
Top 10 best ps4 games 2020

TOP 10 BEST PS4 GAMES 2020– When it comes to Gaming people often trend to tread towards the Sony PlayStation which defines the Experience of gaming to another level. The Graphical User interface and the animations are the major keys that hold The PlayStation firm to the Gamers list.

Sony PlayStation 4 is an Eight Generation gaming console which is the most popular among the children and hardcore gamers. Ps4 games are known for their clarity and Experience which stands out of the crowd. The normal pc gaming has its crazy fan base but ps4 lovers are exceeding day by day. Here are a few of the legendary and best ps4 games of all time which you must play this year.

Top 10 best ps4 games 2020

Following is the list of ‘top 10 best ps4 games 2020‘ which you must give a try-

#1.Apex Legends – The Lifeline Edition (PS4)

This game is suitable for kids. 16 and above and can be easily available. EA Games and Respawn Entertainment have done it again and brought us this piece of a crazy game which is based on a battlefield survival. You will initially get some legendry skins of weapons and one thousand apex coins with this game.

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#2.Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption is managed by Famous Rockstar games which are known for Grand Theft Auto series. The story revolves around a bizarre forced dissolution and now is also available for pc with a lot more extra options. this is usually admired by gamers because of its storyline and graphic.

#3.Devil May Cry 5

It is the sequel of the previous version which is almost 10 years old but you can play it. This game is full of excitement and filled with insane weapons and humor. You must try this game in ps4 especially with your friends. Chances are you might get addicted to it.

#4.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The wild hunt is the part of The Witcher 2 assassin of kings which was published in the year 2011. The game was published and managed by CD Projekt. The storyline is from the famous novel fantasy novels on witches by Andrzej Sapkowski works fine on Pc as well but was first designed for ps4 consoles.

#5.Grand Theft Auto V

This game is so much popular among gamers that it doesn’t require any kind of description almost every gamer would have once played its previous series and would know about the gameplay. The game revolves around a character who has to complete missions. GTA V has the highest resolution from all the previous versions.


If you love action and thriller type of games then this one is the perfect match for you. This game has some amazing visuals with nail-biting adventure and excitement. The story is about a hunter who has to make his way through the city which has been cursed that turns local people into beasts. This comes under the budget and can be played by children above 16 years of age.

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#7.God Of War 3

God of war is also a popular game among teens and is widely played. This is a kind of action and adventure game that can be played by children above the age of 16. First started in ps2 and has maintained its legacy in ps4 still it has its hype among the market.

#8.Marvels Spiderman

This game is my personal favorite and I would suggest you all play it. Marvels did what they are best at. Marvels Spiderman is an amazing piece of art action-adventure kind of game that is taken by the comic book of Spiderman.

#9.Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

As the name suggest Uncharted 4 is a treasure hunting game that revolves around a character Nathan Drake who is a Former Treasure Hunter persuaded out of abandonment by his elder brother Samuel. It was launched for ps4. After retiring Nathan Drake is back to the business of theft.

#10.Monster Hunting: World

This game is newly released. This is all solely about hunting. And ways to hunt a monster that has been speed across. This game revolves around a character that learns new tricks to fight the monsters.

So, these were the tally of the “top 10 best ps4 games 2020” which you must give a try. Comment below and share your favorite on the list.

Top 10 best ps4 games 2020
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Top 10 best ps4 games 2020
TOP 10 BEST PS4 GAMES 2020- Following are the tally of Best ps4 games for all time. You can also download the ps4 games for PC from here
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