Top 10 best Torrent Apps for Android

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Top 10 Best Torrent Apps for Android – Many people till date intent to watch movies after downloading them. There are many online sites that allow downloading the movies but most of the sites provide fake links or contain malware and viruses that may damage our systems. In many cases, people look forward to ‘Torrent clients’. For systems that have MAC, Linux, or Windows, there are many ‘torrent clients’ available for downloading materials. But Android users don’t have a broad category to choose from.  Here we enlist top best Torrent Apps or Torrent clients for android users. Users may take note of the fact that many of the torrent sites have been shut. We are discussing the sites that are still available for use.

Note: does not encourage piracy. We are strictly against piracy. This article is just for educational purpose.

Top 10 best torrent apps for Android – Torrent clients

Torrent sites and apps are very popularly used for file sharing also. Some top best torrent apps could be found as mentioned:

1. Flud

This is for people who are interested in using torrent on their Android smartphones. Flud makes it easy for people to download content on phones or tablets. This could be useful and fast to download files. It has features of proxy support, IP filtering support, and encryption support.

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2. uTorrent

This is one of the most used torrent downloaders. This is available on the Google Play Store with over 100 million download records. uTorrent supports magnetic download links and can be used to download multiple torrents at once.

3. Torr Droid

Torr Droid could be claimed as a multi-purpose app.  It offers the facility of the search engine to find files.

4. Vuze

The Vuze torrent downloader is available on Windows, Linux, and Android. Vuze is light-weight. It has the torrent management tools needed to manage torrent directly to smartphones. Download speed is also fast on Vuze.

5. WeTorrent

This app is immensely fast to download files. This app provides the facility to pause, resume and delete torrent files. It also supports magnetic links.

6. zetaTorrent

This is a multi-purpose torrent app. The built-in features of this application include Wi-Fi file Transfer. ZetaTorrent automatically identifies links that are available for download.

7. Bit Torrent

It is the official torrent client made for Android. It has a simple UI that is very user-friendly. Users can easily manage multiple torrent downloaders at once. Bit torrent also has media players that allow users to play video files.

8. tTorrent

tTorrent has everything that we require. It provides support for downloading from Wi-Fi only to provide support to download file browser features that has multiple color schemes.

9. Frost Wire

Frost Wire is another feature packed torrent client. It has a built-in search engine that is used for search and download of torrent files. It also offers download manager with advanced features, video and audio players.

10. aTorrent

aTorrent comes with a new design as a user interface. It also has support for magnetic links and external SD card. aTorrent also has provisions to use Wi-fi mode only. It also has a very varied protocols support like DHT, Advanced DHT, and BitTorrent P2P, etc.

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