Top 10 Best Torrent Search Engine in 2020

Best Torrent Search Engine in 2020

Best Torrent Search Engine 2020– A torrent is a powerful tool that allows us to download big files such as movies, software, and other kinds of stuff in an easy and high speed. There has been a wide range of Torrent searches, despite getting banned and the authorities shutting down the majority of the torrent search engine.

It seems impossible to close all of them. Here is a few working “best torrent search engine” that will prove to be a great help.

Top 10 Best Torrent Search Engine 2020

Let’s dive in and have look at the ‘top 10 Best Torrent Search Engine in 2020‘.

1. Torrentz2

This torrent search engine is the clone of the original famous torrentz which had to stop its services in 2017. Torrentz2 has the same user interface and works just like the original one. One of the amazing features of torrentz2 is that it has more than 61 million torrents sourced from 90+ torrent network websites. It is considered one of the “best torrent search engine” in 2020.


This is also a famous torrent that is now turned to and has a good interface that allows you to surf and search your desired torrent. It also has some other features which let you know the details of other torrents and your proxy server to hide your privacy.

3. Toorgle

As the name suggests Toorgle is a very similar search engine when compared to Google in terms of the user interface. It has a start page like Google. Toorgle maybe not the fastest search engine but is suitable for the low internet connection. It can list torrents from more than 400+ torrent network websites.

4. Torrentz colorask

Torrentz colorask is a recently launched search engine and many of us haven’t heard of it. But the most fascinating thing about this website is that it has a clean and well-organized interface. Not only well organized but it indexes up to 500+ torrent websites and offers a wide range to choose from.

5. TorrentSeeker

This torrent search engine is also well known for its simple user interface. TorrentSeeker is a powerful tool that indexes the top 100+ websites such as toorgle, RARBG, and more. This search engine has an enormous database as it keeps on updating regularly. The ads create a little problem and you need to have an ad blocker for using it.

6. XtorX

XtorX is not a regular search engine and does not show the torrent links when you search. It only shows the desired search is available on such websites. the user has to select one of the websites and can get the link to download it. This site is completely ad-free and easy to use.

7. Torrent Searcher

This torrent search engine is one of the oldest. This is not so famous because lack of good user interface but this torrent is the oldest one which means this site has much more database and options for the user.

8. Katcr

Katcr is the clone of one of the very famous Kickass Torrent which was shut down due to legal issues and this search engine works as a replacement of Kickass Torrent. The user interface is better when compared to is also among few famous search engines.

9. Veoble

Veoble is a newly released website which has gained a lot of popularity among the user. It becomes everyone’s favorite soon after getting recognition. Veoble has a dark theme which makes it stand out of the crowd and gives it a professional look because of the interface.

10. YTS

YTS search engine has a separate fanbase amongst movie lovers and is especially for torrenting movies. It lists all the video torrents from the available torrent sites and makes easy for the user to pick from a wide range and desirable choice.

Conclusion- Best Torrent Search Engine 2020

So, these were the “top 10 Best Torrent Search Engine in 2020” on our list. We don’t encourage piracy. This article is just for educational purposes. Torrent at your own risk.

Comment below if you know any other torrent site apart from this.

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