Top 10 Chrome extensions that you must have

Top 10 Chrome extensions– Google Chrome is the world’s most popular and most commonly used browser with its clean interface, syncing capabilities, and so many useful extensions. It’s not hard to understand why it’s so popular. Today I will be telling you the “top 10 Chrome extensions” that you must have. You could try living without these but why would you want you, let’s get to it.

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Top 10 Chrome extensions

Top 10 Chrome extensions

#1.Wayback Machine

Top 10 Chrome extensions
Top 10 Chrome extensions | Wayback Machine

First up is the “Wayback Machine”. The Wayback Machine extension shows you how a website used to look like in the past even if that site no longer exists. On selecting the Wayback Machine icon, you can find the choice to save that web page. View a recent version of that page. You can view the oldest archive page of that website using the first version along with buttons to gather more information about that site and social media sharing options. Using the timeline at the top, you can jump to another archive page for that site. Even with billions of web pages stored, the Wayback Machine doesn’t have every web page ever created. But it’s a cool extension to discover, How your favorite websites used to look like.

#2.Awesome Screenshot

Top 10 Chrome extensions
Top 10 Chrome extensions | Awesome Screenshot

Well, if you are in a hunt of a fully-featured screenshot tool for Chrome, “Awesome Screenshot” is one of the best. If you want to take a screenshot on a web page, install the extension and select the awesome screenshot icon. It gives you the options to capture the visible part of the page, a selected area, or the entire page. Select an image from one of your drives or take a screenshot of your desktop. You do have the option to record your screen but you’re better off using OBS studio or something similar for this one. There’s a bar at the top with several choices including crop pen text and several others. When you’re done editing, select done. You can also upload it to the awesome screenshot web site or save it locally to your computer.


Top 10 Chrome extensions
Top 10 Chrome extensions | Stylus

Earlier this year Stylish, the popular user Styles manager extension was removed from the Chrome Firefox and opera web stores after getting caught tracking old websites from its users and sending that data to a remote server. The best alternative right now is “Stylus”. It’s based on the source code of an earlier version of stylish. You could write your own personalized CSS stylesheets or you could download them from the stylish website to be used with Stylus. The stylus features one of the best privacy policies I’ve ever seen. Your personal browsing history must remain between you and the NSA. The Stylus collects nothing period.

#4.Just Read

Top 10 Chrome extensions
Top 10 Chrome extensions | Just Read

Next up is “Just Read”. This extension removes ads comments and other clutter from a webpage making it easier to read with fewer distractions. It couldn’t be any easier to use. Clicking on the just read icon will instantly clean up the page. In the upper right selecting the paintbrush icon will let you edit your theme including the thought, size, and colors. To the right of the paintbrush, there’s a printer shortcut to quickly send the article to your printer.

#5.Cite This For ME:Web Citer

Top 10 Chrome extensions
Top 10 Chrome extensions | Cite This For ME

This will be a quick one that’s useful for you students or writers out there. “Cite This For ME” makes it easy to create properly formatted website citations for the different styles including APA MLA Chicago and Harvard. To get the citation for an article that you’ll be referencing, just click on the cite for me icon. Select your citation style. Go with APA there. Then just copy the citation for the article and paste it wherever you need it.


Cite This For ME | Wikiwand

If you’ve ever used Wikipedia then you already know that it doesn’t have the best-looking interface and it can sometimes be difficult to find the information that you’re looking for. Wikiwand, optimizes Wikipedia’s content to give you an improved reading experience. If you select the Settings icon in the upper right, there’s even a setting to switch it to dark mode. Once you had the “Wikiwand” extension installed there’s nothing more that you need to do when going to any Wikipedia page. It will automatically show you the Wikiwand layout.

#7.TinEye Reverse Image Search

Top 10 Chrome extensions | TinEye

When doing a reverse image search “TinEye” makes it easy to find out where an image came from. It can also find out the websites using the same image or find higher resolution versions of that image. Google does offer an image search but I find TinEye to be superior. Once you have installed the extension, just right-click on any image and select search image on TinEye. This will open up a new tab. The default is the best match. From the drop-down menu, the biggest image is useful for finding higher resolution photos and oldest is the best for tracking down the original source. There’s also listed are the file name along with links to webpages where that photo can be found.


Top 10 Chrome extensions | Grammarly

Grammarly is a great extension that will improve your spelling and grammar. It can be used on Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook or any other site where you write on the web. It’s not too difficult to figure out. All the errors will be underlined in red. Hovering your mouse cursor over the errors will show you the corrections. Just click on the corrective text to fix the error. When you’re on a website, selecting the Grammarly icon allows you to turn on or off grammar and spelling on specific sites along with the option to show definitions and synonyms and which language you use for writing. “Grammarly” is only available in English.


Top 10 Chrome extensions
Top 10 Chrome extensions | ColorZilla

This extension is an advanced eyedropper for digital design work. “ColorZilla “ will get you a color readings from any point in your web browser. When you see a color on a web page that you want to use in a project, just select the ColorZilla icon at the top. Select page color picker active. Your cursor will change to a plus and just hover it over the color that you want and then left-click. The selected color will be saved to your clipboard. You can paste it into another program. If you want to view the history of colors that you have picked, select the ColorZilla icon, then click on picked color history. Now you’ll see all the colors that you have previously selected.

#10.Dark Reader

Top 10 Chrome extensions | Dark Reader

The “Dark Reader” is a cool extension. Dark Reader can bring you the dark theme to just about every website. It decreases the white space which is easier on the eyes. Dark Reader can also invert bright colors making them high contrast. It gives you more control when you select the Dark Reader icon. You have the option to turn the extension on or off for any website at any point of time. You also get the filters for mode brightness, contrast, sepia, and grayscale. Dark Reader works on just about every website and is one of the best new extensions I’ve tried out over the past year.

If it is useful for you, what is your favorite Chrome extension that you can’t live without? Let us know about it in the comments.

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