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Top 100 most common passwords

Top 100 most common passwordsHi Guys! Today, I am here to tell you about something that everyone should know, and that is all about the ‘Top 100 most common passwords‘. We all live in the digital era, where passwords play an important role. We all use a password to protect our information, data, photos, etc.

But sometimes we choose any password which is not strong enough and can easily be cracked by anybody and you may become the victim of the cyber attack and your personal information may be leaked.

So, to get protected and stay safe from the cyber-attack, you must use a password which is unbreakable.

Common mistakes that people do

They use the same password to login to different accounts. Suppose that you have logged on to Facebook by password ‘fb1902’ and you are using the same password to logged in Gmail also. In case if your Facebook password is exposed in a breach, it is very probable that hackers could also easily access login details of other related accounts.

Most of us create a folder or file on our phone or desktop and name them as ‘Passwords’. The folder could easily give easy access to your so-called protected passwords and your password will get known by the hacker.

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These are some common passwords that are most frequently used by users.

  • 123456: This password is the most commonly used password. According to Survey, Password “123456” had been found 23 million times in various data breaches.
  • 123456789: After “123456” password, the most commonly used password is “123456789”, which was used by 7.7 million users. 
  • “qwerty”: After the above-mentioned password the third most common uses password is “qwerty”. Around 3.8 million users have using “qwerty” as their password.
  • “password”: It appears around 3.6 million people are using this.
  • “1111111”: It appears 3.1 million people using this as password.

100 most common passwords

Following are the list of 100 most common passwords that almost every person uses. If your password listed below, please change it immediately.

Top 30 most commonly used passwords

  1. Password                                                      
  2. 123456                                                                 
  3. 123456789      
  4. Qwerty                                                               
  5. password                                                             
  6. 1111111                                                              
  7. 12345678                                                           
  8. abc123                                                                 
  9. 1234567  
  10. 1234567890
  11. 9876543210                                                      
  12. password1                                                    
  13. 12345                                                              
  14. letmein 
  15. football 
  16. iloveyou 
  17. admin 
  18. welcome 
  19. monkey 
  20. login 
  21. starwars 
  22. 123123 
  23. dragon 
  24. passw0rd 
  25. master 
  26. hello 
  27. freedom 
  28. whatever 
  29. qazwsx 
  30. trustno1

Most common pattern lock combinations

Beside password, there are also Most common pattern lock combinations that can be cracked easily. Some of them are listed below. If you are using any of these patterns on your phone, then change it immediately and stay safe!

Most common iPhone passwords

Following are the most common iPhone password that can easily be guessed by the hacker and you will become the Victim. So, if  you are using any of the following passwords, change it and use a strong password that only you can remember

  • 1234
  • 0000
  • 2580
  • 1111
  • 5555
  • 5683
  • 0852
  • 2222
  • 1212
  • 1998

Tips: How to protect against cyber-attacks

  • Always use a strong password that is the combination of alphanumeric, special characters, symbols, lower case, and upper case alphabets.
  • Never use any of the passwords that I have mentioned above in the list of the most commonly used password and pattern.
  • Use a Password Manager which encrypts and stores the passwords in a secure vault that is protected by a master password and you will remain safe.
  • Never use the same password to log in multiple accounts.

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