Top 15 Android Apps to hide Photos and Videos

Top 15 Android Apps to hide Photos and Videos – The most common thing that we all have with us is a smartphone. Most smartphones have amazing picture quality and who doesn’t like to click pictures anyway! This lets us end up having a lot of pictures. Some of these pictures could be publicly shown off while others might be extremely private. There a ton of tricks to hide photos and videos but most of these don’t work with Android Oreo or Android Pie. The only solution left is to use a third-party photo and video locker or vault. Here we discuss ‘Top 15 Android Apps to hide Photos and Videos’.

So, let’s have a look at “Top 15 Android Apps to hide Photos and Videos”.

Best Vault app for android, photo hiding app, video hiding app for Android are as follows-

1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

This application has been around for quite some time. KeepSafe Phot Vault is mostly popular for its amazing features. It has a great performance when it comes to hiding images and videos. This app uses PIN, Password and Fingerprint scanner to protect photos. It also operates in Stealth Mode. This allows the app to disappear from the list of recent apps. It also has a facility of hidden folders to store files, photos and videos.

KeepSafe App Downlaod

2. LockMyPix Photo Vault

This photo and video hiding application is quite new on Google Play Store. This uses the AES Encryption Technique that is quite difficult to decode. This app also has PIN, Pattern and Password lock features. If any intruder tries to access the locker, the app captures photo of the person. This Application also throws up some add-on features like hiding it from the app drawer. LockMyPix Photo Vault prevents from capturing screenshots when the app is unlocked. The only demerit of this application is that it cannot backup data kept in cloud.

LockMyPix App Download

3. Vaulty

Vaulty is another popular, free photo and video hiding app that is available on Google Play Store. This app is available for free. One great thing about Vaulty is that this app also has add-on features of capturing intruder photos upon entering wrong password. Vaulty also allows creation of multiple vaults within the same application. It also allows to backup data to the cloud.

Vaulty App Download

4. Vault

This application could be claimed as an all-rounder application. This is not only used to hide photos and videos, but this could also be used to hides SMS, call logs, and other data. This also provisions users to create a multiple number of vaults. You can get intruder information and also hide the apps icon.

Vault App Download

5. Hide Something

It is amongst the most popular photo and video vault found on Google Play Store. It can create invisible folders on Storage that could only be accessed by the PIN, Password or Fingerprint Pattern. Hide Something can also be used to hide any type of file formats on the hidden folders including photos and videos.

Hide Something App Download

6. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault has the same feature as its name suggests. It stores selected files from the gallery on an encrypted vault. It has an amazingly notable interface. The application is quite user friendly. Users can easily locate media files on the app. Gallery vault also support some additional add-ins such as Stealth Mode, Shake lock etc.

Gallery Vault App Download

7. Piktures

It is not simply a photo and video locker but a gallery app. This allows Android to store photos and videos in it. This app has an inbuilt facility of “Secret Drive” that is quite similar to a vault. Secret Drive is an invisible folder that holds media files that users want to hide.

Pikture App Download

8. Andrognito

Andrognito is also one of the best photos and gallery locker available on Google Play Store. It uses the AES Encryption technique to hide the photos and videos. This app allows cloud backup facility. So, the vault could be accessed from many other devices via cloud services.

Andrognito App Download

9. Private Zone

Private Zone is specially built for people who are in love with privacy. Apart from hiding photos and videos, this app also facilitates users with a variety of other privacy options such as VPN service, RAM Manager and Anti-theft services. It also provides with the call filtering facility. This app also has a private vault for storing all types of files on Android.

Private Zone App Download

10. Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro is a completely free Android App available on Google Play Store. This can hide photos and videos alongside SMS and call logs from the users’ device. Users just need to set a PIN for easy access to the hidden files and the device is ready to use the Hide It Pro.

Hide It Pro App Download

11. F-Stop Gallery

This app has a clean and well-organized user interface. F-Stop Gallery allows users to add photos and videos with. nomedia file name along with access to the vault. Due to all these features, it is one of the top-rated vaults found for media storage on Google Play Store.

F-Stop Gallery App Download

12. Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock basically locks the default Android Gallery. It provides the lock with a password or PIN. This app could also be used in Stealth Mode feature. So, it would cause the gallery icon to disappear from the app drawer.

Gallery Lock App Download

13. Hide Pictures

Hide Pictures is an app to consider when users’ phone is running short of storage. This is another gallery vault that allow the users to hide photos and videos on the private vault. This private vault is protected by PIN or password. Apart from hiding media files, it also allows storing data securely in the cloud files.

Hide Pictures App Download

14. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault app allows hiding photos and videos behind a password. It requires a password to unlock the vault as well as each individual photo album.

Private Photo Vault App Download

15. Keep Photos Secret

This app provides a double layer security to the media files stored within it. The entire app is protected by a PIN. Individual albums are protected by passwords. The app can also be hidden from the recent apps list.

Keep Photos Secret App Download

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These are the Top 15 Android Apps to hide Photos and Videos. Comment below if we left out some interesting apps. Also, tell us about the application that you liked the most.

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