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Top 20 Best File sharing Websites to Share Large Files Online

Top 20 Best File sharing Websites to Share Large Files Online – In today’s world with the growing amount of data people require to send this data back and forth amongst themselves. Often the volume of data becomes quite large and it becomes quite difficult to send such data over the Internet. There are a lot of file sharing websites that allow quick file upload and free file sharing sites without registration from one computer to another computer. Some of the best file sharing websites to share large files online are listed below.

# 1. Google Drive

It is one of the best file sharing websites that provides great storage space. The Google Drive can be linked to an individuals Gmail account. Since Google provides this website, it is secure and reliable as well.

Go to Google Drive

# 2. WeTransfer

This is a free file sharing service. WeTransfer gives space up to 20GB. Users can also send the file to 20 recipients at the same time via mail. On purchasing the premium account users’ gain access to security protection services.

Go to WeTransfer

# 3. HighTail

This website provides with online free space. The users’ can easily upload their files. Any other user who has the rights to access this space can modify and download the files from here.

Go to HighTail

# 4. TransferBigFiles

This site works in a similar manner as its name. the site provides 20GB space to share large files with others. On an upgrade to the premium subscription, the file storage space is increased to 1TB.

Go to TransferBigFiles

# 5. DropSend

Drop Send has plans according to the users’. Most of the plans are free. The starting pack is of 4GB free data transfer space.

Go to DropSend

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# 6. MailBigFile Quick file upload

MFB allows user to have 2GB space for free. The data placed resides only for 10 days on the website.

Go to MailBigFile

# 7. Box

This website provides a combination of services. Users’ can edit, e-sign, and have more built-in integration using this site. The website provides use of some of the tools such as office 365, DocuSign, Salesforce etc.

Go to Box

# 8. Egnyte

This website allows users to share the files on a secure way with friends and other people online.

Go to Egnyte

# 9. Sugar sync

Sugar sync allows easy access to the files and folders while protecting these data at the same time.

Go to SugarSync

# 10. One hub

One hub allows sharing by simply uploading the files and giving permissions to people who might need it.

Go to OneHub

# 11. Dropbox

this is a bit similar to the Google Drive. It provides Cloud storage, personal software and file sync to users. This site gives 2GB free drive space to have and keep stuff.

Go to DropBox

# 12. Jump share

This website gives 2GB free storage upon signup. The file transfer size is limited to 250MB.

Go to JumpShare

# 13. Media Fire Free File Sharing Sites for Download

This website stores all users’ media. Users can access these anytime from anywhere. It gives a free space of 50GB.

Go to MediaFire

# 14. SendThisFile

It provides 50GB of encrypted bandwidth. It gives a 15-day trial that allows user to send unlimited files to as many users as required.

Go to SendThisFile

# 15. JumboMail

Jumbo Mail allows transfer of media, files and photos by email. It allows to send up to 20GB data.

Go to Jumbo Mail

# 16. FilesToFriends

FilesToFriends lets users transfer 1GB files for free. This also provides premium services to increase files storage space up to 5GB.

Go to FilesToFriends

# 17. Securely Send

Securely Send allows transfer of large files with maximum size of 2GB. It allows people to track deliverability of people’s files from start to finish.

Go to Securely Send

# 18. TitanFile

TitanFile was intended for professionals. It sends files directly from Outlook or reply from inside the users’ mail. TitanFile gives a 30-day free trial.

Go to TitanFile

# 19. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is on of the best and popular cloud storage service provider. It provides a storage space of 5GB in its free account which includes all the basic functionalities.

Go to Amazon Drive    

# 20. File Dropper free file sharing sites without registration

Another best option is File Dropper. It is an easy to use, large file sharing website which offers a free storage space of 5GB. It provides a short link of uploaded file which can be easily shared.

Go to FileDropper

So, these where the list of ‘Top 20 Best File sharing Websites to Share Large Files Online’. Comment below if we left out any ‘File sharing Websites’ which is your favourite. Also, tell us about your ‘free file sharing sites for download’ that you liked the most.

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