Top 5 app to hide texts and calls on Android

Top 5 app to hide texts and calls on Android – Hi Guys, once again I am here with Top 5 app to hide texts and calls on Android. We are living in the era, where a lot of conversation takes place on messaging apps of our smartphones. So here I am with some best app to hide text messages and calls.

Sometimes we became the victim of the privacy invasion either by our friend or relative. Our SMS inbox contains a lot of our sensitive information, like the notification of the transactions made through debit card or credit card, reminders for events, receipts of ticket bookings, etc. and this type of information you would never like to share with anyone. So we need the ‘app to hide texts and calls on android’.

So, let’s dive in.

Cool app to hide texts and calls on android

1. Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling

This app is one of the best app to hide text messages and calls available on the Google Play Store. This creates the private space for you. This app provides you the facility to set up a PIN-Based Lock. It provides you the security at a very high extent. You can hide your contacts, messages and call records.

Key Features:

  • Successfully hide your address book contacts, messages and call records also.
  • Add privacy to your text messages.
  • Hide the app so nobody can see it.
  • A PIN-based Lock to provide you better security.


2. Block Text, SMS & MMS, Spam Blocker – Key Messages

Block SMS And Call is a user-friendly text message app. This app is a six-in-one app. It is so called because it provides six facilities in one app. It has a private space. Using this app, you can make private incoming calls, missed calls, and call logs, and also, SMS Contact list, and block unwanted calls and messages.

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Key Features

  • Higher Level of Security
  • Privacy control
  • All of the calls and text messages that you have blocked moved over to private space.


Hide SMS App

3.Vault Hide SMS,Pics & Videos – Hide Photo, Video

This is another cool app that you can use to hide your call logs, SMS. It also provides an extra facility to hide Photos as well. It also provides the facility to create private contact whose messages, alert are not notified on the screen. This is the best Hide SMS App.

Key Features:

  • All files are under the strict password protection so that no one can easily access to your hidden contacts, SMS, and photos.
  • This app also provides the premium facility, once you are a premium user, you can add an infinite number of apps.
  • You can auto-set the app to take a picture of the person if anyone wants to access your personal folder.
  • This app has one great feature that it can be hidden from Home Screen when the Stealth Mode is turned ON.


Hide text messages app

4. Private Message Box : Hide SMS

Private Message Box : Hide SMS is an app which also used for hiding text messages and call records. This is also one of the best ‘Hide text message app’. When you install it then at that time, you will be prompted to set an unlock pattern.

Key Features

  • Provides an easy way to hide text messages & call logs very.
  • PIN/Pattern lock.
  • Option to hide the launcher app (by default, dial *** 123456 ### to open).


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Cool app to hide texts and calls on android

5. Calculator Pro+ – Private Message & Call Screening

This app is one of the cool apps. It’s a calculator on the outside and a vault on the inside. It looks like a normal calculator will raise no suspicion, as it seems like any calculator app to other people.

Key Features:

  • To access this app you have to enter “123+=” in the calculator.
  • If you want to make any contacts hidden from the phone system, you can simply add in this.


So, you can use any of the above-mentioned app to hide texts and calls on android.

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  1. This are the best private chat applications in this list for android. And you can add most private chat apps hike and telegram apps in this list.
    Thanks and Keep sharing.

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