Top 5 Must Have Android Apps for WhatsApp Users

Top 5 Must Have Android Apps for WhatsApp Users – Well, if we look around, WhatsApp is the most used communication app. It is the most widely used instant messaging app available on the Play Store. WhatsApp has tons of features like sticker support, voice & video calls, GIF support, emoticon, etc.

There is a number of Android apps available on the Google Play Store that works with WhatsApp to provide more features. So, in this article, we are going to list down the “Top 5 Must Have Android Apps for WhatsApp Users”. While WhatsApp for Android already bunches many great features, there are few Android apps that can make it even better.

So, let’s have a look at the ‘Top 5 Must Have Android Apps for WhatsApp Users’

1. Transcriber for WhatsApp

Sometimes, we need to admit that there are times when we want to convert the WhatsApp voice messages into the text. Let’s say you are in a heavily crowded place like a market or on a local train and don’t have earphones. So, in such a situation, you don’t want to listen to the audio. Then, in that situation, Transcriber for WhatsApp will surely benefit you because it transcribes the audio message and shows the text version of that voice message.

Download Transcriber App from here

2. WhatsMe

As we know that we can’t chat with anyone without saving in the contact list. Now don’t need to worry about these problems. Simply input number and hit on open chat. This is one of the great apps. This app gives you the flexibility to chat anyone without saving the number.

Download WhatsMe App from here

3. AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Suppose, you are driving and you have an urgent message on WA. In most cases, you are unable to reply to those messages instantly. In such situations, AutoResponder for WA is the boon to the users. This is one of the finest and most useful apps available on the Play Store. AutoResponder automatically replies to the selected contacts of your choice when there is a message from the selected contact list.

Download AutoResponder App from here

4. Notifly

Notifly is one of the best apps in the google Play Store. This app offers a more convenient way to receive notifications and reply to notifications than WhatsApp does. The conversations are opened in the form of bubbles similar to the Facebook Messenger like chat heads and allows you to reply to messages without having to switch between apps.

Download Notifly App from here

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5. CropShop

Sometimes we want to put our pic in WhatsApp DP, but they are not in square. CropShop is an absolute must-have app for everyone. This solves the issue of square image. You can freely put any sized image to your DP with the help of this app.

Download CropShop App from here

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