Very soon you will be able to use WhatsApp web without phone on PC

WhatsApp web without phone on PC Hey Guys, we all know that WhatsApp is the most used instant chat messaging app. We all use this daily. But according to news very soon you will be able to use ‘WhatsApp web without phone on PC’. Isn’t it shocking? Don’t get surprised you will be able to use this very soon.

How WhatsApp web without Phone on PC is possible?

WhatsApp has had a desktop version of its mobile app since 2015 but the only condition here was that you could only login to WhatsApp web only if your smartphone is connected to the internet and by extension turned on as well. This small inconvenience could be completely removed soon. Very soon you will be seeing a new version of WhatsApp web which will work even if your phone is turned off.

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A reliable website (WABetaInfo) for all WhatsApp related news and rumors, has said that the company could be in the works for developing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. This new application would work on a new multi-platform system which would operate even if your phone was turned off.

Apart from this, this Universal Windows Platform app will be working in sync with a new multi-platform system to let you access your WhatsApp account on multiple devices as well.

News related to WhatsApp, this app has crossed more than 400 million monthly active users in India. These stats were revealed by Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant at an event that was held in New Delhi. In 2017, the Facebook-owned platform revealed that it had reached 200 million users in India. In the event, Kant added that the service will reach more a billion users in the upcoming three years.

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