Best TV / Web Series to Watch during lockdown COVID-19

Web Series to Watch

WEB SERIES TO WATCH– Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well and maintaining personal hygiene and staying at hope due to the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Since many of us are having nothing much to do at home because of the current lockdown due to Covid19. Here’s a list of few amazing “web series to watch” which will help you to cut your boredom. These web series are categorized into a few most popular online application platforms.

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Best Web Series to Watch during Coronavirus lock-down

Here’s the list of Web series, web series India, web series Hindi, web series online, web series on Amazon Prime, web series on Netflix, MX Player, Youtube, Alt Baliji, Jio Cinema.

#Web Series to watch on Amazon Prime

If you have Amazon prime account you can watch these series, Amazon prime comes for 129/ per month and has a one-month free trial available.

Here’s the list of best web series to watch on Amazon prime India:

1. Made in heaven:

This series is about a wedding planner who themselves has a lot of problems and plans weddings of the rich ones and this story tells you about the choice of watching the big weddings as something delightful and wishing to be part of it.

2. Mirzapur:

This story is about Kaleen Bhaiya who rules the city and does all the wrong things. Kaleen bhaiya is a very powerful man and his son Munna wants to rule the city. The story revolves around Munna proving that he’s worthy of the power.

3. The Family man:

This story is about an officer Srikant Tiwari who has to hide his identity from his family and also deal with the work. Things become more complicated when he cannot cope up with his family and his work. He is a dutiful spy and also wants to be a good family man.

4. Laakhon Me ek:

This story is about the struggle of a boy who is an IIT aspirant and goes to Kota and all the difficulties faced by him. The season 2 shifted the storyline to medical malpractice.

5. Shaitaan Haveli:

This series is for the people who like the humor in the horror movies. This horror-parody was made by famous comedian Varun Thakur, this show is a spoof of old horror movies. In the end, it is more of laughter than horror.

6. Inside Edge:

This series tells you about the cricketer and the story which we fail to see how the cricket industry is a lot more than the game itself. This story is a perfect spice that shows how the cricket industry is involved in fame, celebrities, and match-fixing.

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# Web Series to watch on Netflix

Netflix is also a paid service that has online videos on demand and it comes with a one-month free trial. It charges 199 per month and has a good collection of movies and web series.

1. Delhi crime:

This story is inspired by the 2012 Delhi gang-rape case and is not easy to watch as it shows the horrific incidents and reveals the favoritism to the privileged. The protagonist of the story has laid a remarkable performance making it a must-watch.

2. Jamtara:

This story is inspired by a place in Jharkhand Jamtara which is considered to be a hacking capital of the country and informs about how few people con the innocent and steals the credentials. This plot is very interesting and is a must-watch.

3. Sacred Games:

Many of us may have watched it. In case you didn’t, it is one of the most hyped shows and no one could resist watching it as the memes are rampant on the social media sites. This show is about the gangster and how he went to become a god.

4. Ghoul:

This story is pretty amazing and is a short web series that has only a few episodes yet it delivers to perfect. The plot is about the officials and their mistakes which made the goul a dark soul to take revenge.

5. Little Things:

This is the story about Kavya and Dhruv who love each other. It is not like any other Bollywood romance but all the challenges and the personal issues faced by them. This show is for three seasons and is suitable if you are looking for a romantic series to watch.

6. Star Boyz:

This story is a space comedy staring Kenny and Naveen which are already a perfect comedian and their misadventures in the space. Hence this delivers a peal of perfect laughter to the viewers.

7. Selection day:

This is another story of the cricketing world in our country cricket is not only a sport it is an emotion which is perfectly shown in this. the plot revolves around two brothers who are fond of cricket and their father. The problem is that the father’s unhealthy attitude leads to the demotivation of the brothers.

# Web Series to watch on Mx Player

This application is a video player which plays offline videos and is available on play store for free. It also has the TVF series and a lot more interesting movies. Here are a few web series available in MX Player:

1. Flames:

This story is about teenage love and the heartbreak after the tenth and the adulating period of 11th and 12th the pressure of studies and the love is depicted in this story.

2. I’m mature:

This story is probably about every student who has just completed the tenth and is trying to prove that he is no more a kid, in this, a schoolboy wants to date and get along with his Crush who is not so approachable, this story shows the struggles of the boy and their friends to get her.

3. Pitcher:

This is about a group of friends who give up their job without proper planning and start their own startup company. This shows the struggle to cope up with the personal life and work pressure.

# Web Series to watch on YouTube

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1. Kota Factory:

This story is a masterpiece which depicts the situation of every student to goes Kota to crack IIT-Jee and it shows how the competition is done and shows the true face of the pressure that is built on the students and make them capable of cracking IIT, yet few finds a life hack through friendship.

2. Sex Chat With Pappu And Papa:

The story revolves around a kid Pappu is very much inquisitive about everything and the father vows to tell all the answers truthfully funnily and simply to eradicate the social taboo of sex-related talks.

# Web Series to Watch Jio Cinema & Alt BalaJi

Jio cinema offers a lot of Alt Balaji series for free and the app can be downloaded from the play store.

1. Apharan:

This story is about a cop who kidnaps a girl for ransom and gets a lot of money from the girl itself, the poor cop gets indulge in a murder case and has to run away to solve the mystery.

2. Bose Dead/Alive:

This story is based on our freedom fighter Neta Ji and his struggle during the Britishers rule. Later it adds astonishing facts and draws a Question of his death.

# Other-(zee5 and Voot)

Zee5 and Voot are another application available on the play store and have some good series to watch.

1. Asur:

This story is about a mysterious murderer who does the crime brutally and leaves a mask to trick and tease the police, the police set various tricks to catch him.

2. Kaafir:

This story is based on true events. The plot of the story revolves around a lady Kainaz Akhtar, who is a Kashmiri from Pakistan occupied Kashmir and mistaken crosses the border and is declared as a militant. She is jailed and also delivers a baby during her tenure. Will she able to go back to her home?

So, these were the list of best TV Series/’Web Series to watch‘ during COVID-19 coronavirus lock-down.

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Best TV/Web Series to Watch during lockdown COVID-19
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