WhatsApp Dark Mode update released for WhatsApp beta

WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp Dark Mode- WhatsApp has finally released its most awaited dark theme which is available for version v2.20.13 beta or higher of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Android

Sources claim that WhatsApp was working over its ‘WhatsApp Dark Mode‘ for more than a year. You can enable this feature form your chats section of your WhatsApp.

It is likely to be more grey than complete black and is a bit darker than other dark themes such as Youtube.

WhatsApp Dark theme can help in reducing power consumption and can improve the battery life of your device. To check your version of WhatsApp you can go to help section under which select the ‘app info’, however, it is not yet hosted for non-beta users and they need to wait for a little longer as it might take more time to release the dark theme for non-beta users.

The android devices having android version pie 9.0 can get the beta version of WhatsApp from the google play store or can just simply update the app.

How to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android

You can simply enable the WhatsApp dark theme by following these simple steps. Here’s How to enable “WhatsApp Dark Mode” on Android-

Open WhatsApp with a beta version and go to Settings > Chat >Themes > Choose theme > Dark.

WhatsApp Dark Mode
How to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android

WhatsApp Dark Mode Android beta apk

If your WhatsApp doesn’t get any update just like me, then we have an option of downloading it from other sites, but at your own risk. For Android users, you can download the dark mode APK from your mobile browser which can be installed separately. Although it is not good the sideload such Applications. It is always advisable to download from trusted sites such as Play Stores.

You can download WP Dark Mode Android beta apk from here

WhatsApp Dark Mode iOS

WhatsApp DarkMode iOS- Just like non-beta users, iOS users need to wait for the update until further notice. Chances are that iOS users might get dark versions lately than android users.

Dark Mode WhatsApp Web

The user who wishes to use a dark theme in WhatsApp Web can do it by using tricks over the browser. The trick works for Chrome And Firefox Browers. The user who wishes to use the Dark theme for WhatsApp Web will need to download Stylus Extensions from the official sites and then can install the dark theme.

Although it would not work as good as the original Dark theme but can give you a comfortable environment at night time. It wouldn’t increase the reading ability during daylight. A stylus is easy to enable and disable and works comparatively fair than the usual White And Green WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Dark Mode update released for WhatsApp beta
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WhatsApp Dark Mode update released for WhatsApp beta
WhatsApp Dark Mode- Finally WhatsApp has released Dark Mode for the WhatsApp beta users. How to enable WhatsApp Dark theme for Android & iOS
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