Why is Huawei banned? The global fallout explained in detail

Huawei is banned

Why is Huawei banned?We all must have heard about the fact that the famous smartphone company Huawei has been banned. This news has shaken the smartphone industry and has taken all Huawei users by shock. What exactly happened? Why was this phone banned? Why is Huawei banned? let’s find out the complete scenario and outcome of this ban.

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Why is Huawei banned?

You must be aware of the fact that the United States had already banned the use of Huawei equipment including smartphones for some time. The smartphone market has seen quite a degrade in its number of customers in this country. Huawei did not just sell out smartphones. It has a wide range of networking devices for use as well. There has always been an issue about security and trust between the United States government and this Chinese Company as the US Government thought that the Chinese Government could use these devices as a mode for spying in their country. This trust issue existed in the country for quite some time. So this decision seemed to be quite obvious. But recently the US government has taken a stern action where it has signed an executive order that says that no US-based company could do business with any Chinese Company. This decision has led to the ban on Huawei.

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To be more elaborate, the Huawei Company sells out smartphones, i.e. Android Phones. The apps available in the Android Phones that are for common use are mostly Google Apps. Company google is an US-based company. So, Google cannot do any business with this Company. This also means that the Android OS could not also be used by Huawei. This is not only the case with Google. When we talk about the making of a smartphone, the applications running on it and the OS comprises of the software in the phone. There are many hardware components as well that comes into a scene such as storage, processor, radio, or even the display glass. In this case, the Company Huawei does business with Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft and some other.

The outcome of the ban

There has been a matter of relief in all this where Google has agreed to provide support to the Huawei phones in the form of patches and updates for 90 days. Another news has also surfaced that Huawei already has some stocks of the hardware that it uses. The processor in its smartphone is also manufactured by the company itself. Huawei could also outsource other hardware equipment’s from some Chinese, Japanese or even Taiwanese Companies. But when it comes to the OS running on its smartphones, the company uses Android. Though Android is an open source OS, it shares many major licenses with Google that include many core services such as the Google Play services. These services would not be available with Huawei due to the executive order.

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The Huawei company had already guessed that something like this could happen in the future. There were rumors that this company is already developing its own Operating system since last year as a backup plan. But nothing of this has been confirmed yet. Years ago, blackberry had also introduced its own OS where users could side-load the Android Apps they wanted to use. But that concept did not become a hit. Users always search for a seamless experience if they are ready to invest such huge amounts of money behind these smartphones. Further, there are also a lot of smaller issues. For example, an uber app. Now Uber is a US-based company. So, how could Huawei use its app in their phones? There are a lot of such issues concerned with this ban upon which Huawei is currently working.

In simple words, if I have a Huawei mobile phone, I would receive security updates for the next three months and then that’s it. What would happen after these three months is a matter of concern? This problem is not only concerned with the US. Google supplies its services and products worldwide. So, Huawei won’t be able to supply any of its products anywhere around the globe.

Is Huawei ready with its own OS?

There are many questions related to this ban. Would Huawei be able to create its own Operating system? How would it convince the people to use it? How would it provide all the Android apps that users currently use? These all are a matter of concern of Huawei. The dependency of Huawei upon the hardware supplying companies is not a big concern here, but it is the software that matters in this case. For Huawei laptops, it could not Windows since even Microsoft is a US- based company. So, what would be its business strategy for those devices has also become a matter of concern.

Anything might happen in the tech world. There might be news that all this could be resolved within a few weeks. But if it doesn’t, then there would a big question mark on the future Huawei. This company has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years and it holds the second position globally.

This ban has not only affected Huawei but Honor as well since this is also a sub-brand of Huawei. It is now to be seen what happens to the fate of both these companies.

Why is Huawei banned in India? Huawei banned in which countries?

Why is Huawei banned in India? Huawei banned in which countries? A report(2012) by US Congress concluded that “Huawei did not fully cooperate with the investigation and was unwilling to explain its relationship with the Chinese government or Chinese Communist Party, while credible evidence exists that it fails to comply with US laws.”

Since then, the US has been on a mission to prevent its allies from using Huawei technology for critical infrastructure, especially focusing on fellow members of the so-called Five Eyes, a group of five English speaking countries (US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain) whose intelligence agencies share information on a large scale. United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, and India are the list of countries who banned Huawei.

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