Why TikTok is banned in India?

Why TikTok is banned in India? – After much controversies on the order of the Madras High Court on April 3, the famous Chinese app TikTok has been banned in India. This ban on this Chinese app has come as a major setback to the Chinese start-up that made it.

What is TikTok app?

Before knowing about the ban, let us know what is TikTok app? TikTok is a media sharing app that was made to create and share videos. This was created by ByteDance. It was launched by the name Douyin in China and it was named as TikTok’ when introduced in the overseas market one year later. It became one of the leading short video platforms in Asia and United States.

TikTok and musically

Musically was also a media sharing app that had its headquarters in Shanghai. It also facilitated users to create 15-second to 1-minute lip syncing music videos. Users could also choose sound tracks to accompany their videos. The users of “Musically” proudly called themselves as “musers”. The Chinese company ByteDance on 9th November 2017 bought Musically and combined it with “TikTok” to make it into a single app named TikTok (TikTok musically). TikTok and musically was combined together and launched on August 2, 2018.

Why Indian govt banned TikTok? Why TikTok is banned in India?

TikTok musically or TikTok has been into limelight since the last 2-3 years. So why TikTok is banned in India?

Well, as reports claim, an activist group had filed a public interest litigation against this app. In their case, they blamed that this app promoted pornography and paedophiles. These activists also claimed that due to this application, many child users became quite exposed to several sexual predators.

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The Madras High Court ordered the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on April 3 to put a ban on TikTok. Following the orders, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology sent a missive to Google and Apple. This missive made Google and Apple to remove the TikTok musically application from the Play Store and iOS app store.

Earlier TikTok has been banned in some neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and Indonesia. It was also levied with a huge amount of fine in the US for collecting children information illegally.

Is a ban on TikTok fruitful?

According to the latest updates, TikTok has been banned in India. It has been removed from the Google Play Store and iOS app Store. But a basic question still captures great attention. Is this ban on TikTok fruitful? The honest answer to this is-MAYBE NOT.

Well, TikTok musically is not the only video-sharing app available on the internet. There are many other app similar to TikTok that are still available on the apps store though they are not as popular as TikTok.

Further, even though it has been removed from the Play Store, some websites still have their APK download link available.

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Let us face the truth-banning any app or website is not the solution. The government could ban these applications or websites in India, but the content would still be available on the World Wide Web. Also, there are a hundred other ways to access such restricted contents.  

So, instead of a ban, the government must find ways to remediate such issues so that they need not have a ban any such website or app.

For now, TikTok musically has been banned in India. ‘Why TikTok is banned in India?’ is already explained to you. It is now the time to judge whether this ban would be helpful or not. The app has been removed from Play Store. Though the company executives are hopeful on this ban being removed, it does not seem to happen in near future.

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