WiFi Calling on Jio and Airtel- What is WiFi Calling and how to use it?

WiFi Calling on Jio and Airtel
Jio | Airtel | WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling on Jio and Airtel– Hi there you’ve probably heard of Wi-Fi calling but what exactly is Wi-Fi calling and why would you want to use it?

What is WiFi Calling?

In a nutshell, Wi-Fi calling is calling over a Wi-Fi network through the internet instead of over a regular cellular network. This can come in super handy in several situations like when you visit an outer area on the outskirts of a cellular network or when you work in a building or in the basement and you have touchy cell service. Now, this is assuming that both the outer area and the basement have Wi-Fi coverage.

Before I get too far I want to clear up what I’m referring to as Wi-Fi calling. There area unit loads of apps on the market like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or a Facebook courier that enable you to put calls or send messages over Wi-Fi. Now I’m excluding these because you have to use a separate app to send the messages or replace the call and it won’t handoff to a cellular network if you walk outside of the Wi-Fi range.

WiFi Calling on Jio and Airtel
Benifits of WiFi Calling

What I’m referring to as Wi-Fi calling is built into the phone natively so you don’t have to do anything separate or different than you would normally place a call to get Wi-Fi calling to work for you. You’ll air a cellular carrier that supports the Wi-Fi line of work and you may need to be employing a device that works with the Wi-Fi line of work presently.

WiFi Calling on Jio and Airtel

If you use Jio or Airtel Prepaid/Postpaid connection then you can enjoy this feature of  “WiFi Calling on Jio and Airtel”. Airtel has announced the feature of  WiFi calling for its user in the first week of December 2019 becoming the first telecom company in India to do so.

Jio has also jumped into the race of  WiFi Calling. Jio has announced that the feature is rolling out this week and it will be completed by January 16.

Though Airtel was the first to announce this feature in India but Jio is much better because it rolling out the feature in different cities and regions. Also Jio supports more devices than Airtel.

If you don’t see your carrier listed, check with them to see if they support Wi-Fi calling. You’ll also need to be using a device that supports Wi-Fi calling. Many smartphones today works with Wi-Fi calling but again it just depends on the carrier.

List of devices supporting  WiFi Calling

Here is the list of smartphones supporting  WiFi calling-

Jio Wi-Fi calling supported phones-

#Apple: All the iOS 13 supported iPhones are supported.

iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone 7
iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 8 PlusiPhone 8iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S PlusiPhone XRiPhone XiPhone XS
iPhone XS MaxiPhone SE  


CoolPlay 6Mega 5CMega 5


Pixel 3Pixel 3 XL
Pixel 3A3A XL


Infinix Smart 3 PlusInfinix Hot 6 Pro
Infinix Hot 7 ProInfinix S4




Lava Z61Lava Z92
Lava Z60sLava Z81


Mobiistar C1Mobiistar C2
Mobiistar C1 ShineMobiistar Enjoy More X1 Selfie X1 Notch


Moto G6


Tecno Camon i4Tecno Camon iSKY 3Tecno Camon iTwin


Poco F1Xiaomi Redmi K20Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro


Vivo V11Vivo V11 ProVivo V15Vivo V15 Pro
Vivo V9Vivo V9 ProVivo 1904Vivo Y81
Vivo Y81iVivo Y91Vivo Y91iVivo Y93
Vivo Y95Vivo Y15Vivo Y17Vivo Y91
Vivo Z1 Pro   


Galaxy J4 (2018)Samsung A10Samsung A10SGalaxy A30s
Galaxy A5 (2017)Galaxy A50sGalaxy A70Galaxy A8 Star
Galaxy A8+Galaxy A80Galaxy C9 ProGalaxy A20
Galaxy A30Galaxy A5 (SM-A500G)Galaxy A5 (2016)Galaxy A6
Galaxy A6+Galaxy A7Galaxy A7 (2018)Galaxy A7 (2016)
Galaxy A8Galaxy A9 (2018)Galaxy A9 ProGalaxy C7 Pro
Galaxy Core Prime 4GGalaxy J1 (2016)Galaxy J2Galaxy J2 (2018)
Galaxy J2 AceGalaxy J2 Hybrid TrayGalaxy J3Galaxy J3 Pro
Galaxy J4+Galaxy J5Galaxy J6Galaxy J6+
Galaxy J7Galaxy J7 DuoGalaxy J8Galaxy M10
Galaxy M20Galaxy M40Galaxy Note 4Galaxy Note 4 Edge
Galaxy Note 5Galaxy S10Galaxy S10 PlusGalaxy S10e
Galaxy S6Galaxy S6 EdgeGalaxy S6 Edge PlusGalaxy J2 (2016)
Galaxy J2 ProGalaxy J5Galaxy J5 PrimeGalaxy J7
Galaxy J7 MaxGalaxy J7 NxtGalaxy J7 PrimeGalaxy J7 On Nxt
Galaxy J7 ProGalaxy Note 10Galaxy Note 10+Galaxy Note 5 Duos
Galaxy Note 8Galaxy On 5 ProGalaxy On 7 ProGalaxy On 8
Galaxy On 6Galaxy On 7 PrimeGalaxy On 8Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 EdgeGalaxy S8Galaxy S8+Galaxy S9
Galaxy S9+   

Important to note: Currently it seems that Jio Wi-Fi is not supported on OnePlus phones.

Phones that support Airtel Wi-Fi calling

#Apple: All the iOS 13 supported iPhones are supported.

iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone 7
iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 8 PlusiPhone 8iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S PlusiPhone XRiPhone XiPhone XS
iPhone XS MaxiPhone SE  


OnePlus 7OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7 ProOnePlus 7T Pro
OnePlus 6OnePlus 6T


Poco F1Xiaomi Redmi K20Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro
Redmi 7Redmi 7ARedmi Note 7 Pro
Redmi Y3  


Samsung J6Samsung On 6Samsung M30sSamsung A10s
Samsung M20Samsung M20Samsung S10eSamsung S10
Samsung S10 PlusSamsung A30sSamsung M30Samsung Note 10
Samsung Note 10 PlusSamsung A50sSamsung Galaxy Note 9 

When it comes to Wi-Fi calling, you want a strong and reliable connection to your Wi-Fi network and most preferably a fast one. Wi-Fi calling doesn’t use a ton of data about one megabyte per minute for calls and about six to eight megabytes per minute for video calls but if you have poor connection or slow Wi-Fi then your call quality will suffer and you may even drop the call.

How to turn on  WiFi Calling on iPhone

WiFi Calling on Jio and Airtel

Now that you know Wi-Fi calling is, let’s talk about how to use it. All you have to do is turn it on. It’s super easy on an iPhone simply go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi calling and toggle it to turn it on.

How to turn on  WiFi Calling on Android

WiFi Calling on Jio and Airtel

On Android device tap on Settings and then Advanced calling once you turned it on that’s all you have to do just place calls like normal. In some phones you will find this option in Settings > Connection >  WiFi Calling.  

Whenever you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network will automatically switch over and use Wi-Fi calling and when you leave that network it will switch over and you cellular calling. Even if you’re on a call at the time your phone will only use Wi-Fi calling if it connects to a network it recognizes or can log in to.

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