Windows 11 features and wallpaper download HD

Windows 11 features and wallpaper download HD
Windows 11 features and wallpaper download HD

Windows 11 features and wallpaper download HD – We all know that Microsoft always has its style and design that is mostly loved by all. This time they have come up with a new version of Windows, Till date, Windows 10 was a big hit in the market, it is creating a great impact on the user and make it easier to use. This operating system was made after keeping the user first and then design.

The first look of The All-new Windows 11 is leaked before the launch date, the release is expected in the coming week. The images and videos have already been flooded over the internet, We have also released an article on “how to download Windows 11 iso“.

The new version of OS has a completely new User interface design and start menu and many more features. Let’s discuss the “Windows 11 features and wallpaper download HD” in details:

The First look: start menu, search, and taskbar

The start menu and taskbar are now center-aligned and you can now just unpin any application from it. With a nice sophisticated default wallpaper. 

The long lists have been replaced with the preference of your pinned apps so that you can switch to your daily app and routines easily. The new search icon comes up with a floating search bar rather than the older version that had at the top.

A new multitasking feature

Windows 11 now gives the user choice of having a multiscreen that can be used for extended screen options and also gives more options in which way you can easily use multiple windows regardless of the default minimize the window. The slipt screen feature is very attractive and gives a professional touch.

Attractive Dark mode

Now windows 11 comes up with the dark mode and is very attractive as most of us preference is dark mode as it doesn’t affect the eye also developers often prefer dark mode. This feature is one of the biggest and most admirable features discovered so far.

Rounded corners

Unlike the previous version of Windows 10 new version of Windows comes up with rounded corners giving it a perfect look of sophisticated and clean application it is very much similar to that of the Apple Mac operating system. Enhances the overall look and feel of the operating system giving the user a sense of professional touch.

There are many amazing features which we are waiting for and they will be revealed on the launch date. Also, there are many features that I would have missed out but the Hype of Windows 11 is making us excited about the launch and we are very much keen to understand what are the major changes and what are functions will be introduced in the coming version of Windows.

Windows 11 Wallpaper download HD

We have brought you the High definition Windows 11 wallpaper. There’s no need to hunt around the internet. You can directly download the “Windows 11 Wallpaper ” from the following GDrive link.

Download Windows 11 Wallpaper in HD from here – Click to download

Windows 11 features conclusion

Please let me know in the comment section if I have missed any of the features or important update and also share your thoughts about it.

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