Windows 11 ISO Download 64 bit (Build 21996.1) Leaked ISO | Download Windows 11 Official ISO Insider Preview

Windows 11 ISO download
Windows 11 ISO Download 64 bit

Windows 11 ISO Download 64 bit – If you are a techie then you must have encounter Windows 11 news these days. Microsoft is all set to announce its next version of Windows called “Windows 11” on June 24, 2021. Couple of days back a near-final edition of Windows 11 and Windows 11 ISO got leaked via Chinese forum website.

The images leaked from Chinese website Baidu clears a picture about how Windows 11 interface looks. Soon after the leak of screenshots, Windows 11 ISO also got leaked and started circulating on many platforms. Everyone wanted to give a try to the new OS before its official release.

So, today we will guide you about “how to download Windows 11 ISO” and “how to install Windows 11” on you laptop/PC.

Windows 11 OS build 21996.1 features

As soon as the Windows 11 ISO leaked, many users installed it on their local or virtual environment and shared the screenshots. Looking at the screenshots, it is pretty clear that the latest windows is not very different from its older version i.e. Windows 10.

There are very minor changes like task bar at the center, icon tray containing more number of colorful icons, new wallpapers etc. It looks much cleaner and smoother than its earlier version. There is a new boot logo and Start menu logo, which looks different from Windows 10. The White smokey theme of Windows 10 has been changed to a blueish shade.

Windows 11 first look

Download Windows 11 ISO file

As Windows 11 ISO already got leaked, everyone is looking for it and want to try it before it gets official release. So, here we got the Windows 11 ISO from the sources. You can download Win 11 ISO file from the below link-

Let’s get to the Windows 11 ISO download link.

Download Windows 11 Official ISO Insider Preview Build (GDrive)

Download Windows 11 ISO (AndroidFileHost)

MediaFire Link

Mega Link

Torrent Magnet Link:


Windows 11 Screenshots

How to Install Windows 11 ISO on Laptop/PC?

Once you successfully download the Windows 11 ISO file, you can install it on you local as well as virtual platform. As the latest windows is still a leak, we still cannot trust its security and features. It is not clear that the leaked ISO is real or fake.

So, we would personally suggest you to install it on a virtual platforms like Hyper-V, Sandbox or VitrualBox rather than you local machine.

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