Download Windows 12 Lite OS Linux Distribution 64bit ISO

Windows 12 Lite OS
Windows 12 Lite OS ISO download

Windows 12 Lite OS Linux Distribution 64 bit 32 bit download

What is Windows 12 Lite OS?

Windows 12 Lite OS– Way back in 2015, Microsoft launched the Windows 10. Though it was launched 5 years back still it is not stable as Windows 7. Honestly speaking as a Windows 10 user, there are lots of compatibility issues with each update. However, this version of Windows 10 is very popular among the user and it’s very difficult for them to choose another OS over that.

Recently a foreign website has claimed that they have developed a lightweight version of Windows 10 called “Windows 12 Lite”. They have also promised to deliver regular updates, security maintenance, etc. for this Lite version of Windows 12.

Windows 10 vs Windows 12 Lite

Though this new version of Windows, Windows 12 Lite appears similar to Windows 10, it is not developed by Microsoft. A foreign site Webhouses has described Windows 12 Lite as Linux Lite 4.8 LTS Desktop which has a Windows 10 appearing background.

Windows 12 Lite Linux download ISO

We have no clue who is behind developing this os and this code. It’s better to avoid it now. There are many official GNU / Linux distro as Windows alternatives. You can go for that. Or if you want, you can have a dual boot running Windows and Linux parallelly on your PC.

Download Here

Windows 12 lite
Windows 12 lite Linux download
Windows 12 lite Linux
Windows 12 lite Linux based
Windows 12 lite Linux release date
Windows 12 lite release date
Windows 12 lite Download
Windows 12 lite iso
Windows 12 lite iso download

Windows 12 lite iso download- Windows 12 Lite 4.8 download

According to a note, Windows 12 Lite is not available for download. The user needs to buy Windows 12 Lite DVD from its official website for £ 15. Users can also purchase the installation via USB from Amazon.

Windows 12 Lite OS Linux Distribution features

  • Not an OS from Microsoft
  • Developed by Reddit members
  • Windows 12 Lite is said to be 3 times faster than the Windows 10
  • No activation key required
  • Allowing users to add more than 80000 programs with a built-in software manager

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Download Windows 12 Lite OS Linux Distribution 64bit ISO
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Download Windows 12 Lite OS Linux Distribution 64bit ISO
Windows 12 Lite OS Linux Distribution 64 bit 32 bit ISO download- You can get Windows 12 Lite 4.8 download, Windows 12 Lite Linux download
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