Best Work From Home Software Coronavirus COVID-19

Work From Home Software

Work From Home Software– Since the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is increasing day by day, the government is also taking all the necessary steps to curb the influence of the COVID-19 which is mostly done by foreign transit. Indians becoming a carrier of COVID by their foreign trips of the company or their interest. Due to these issues, the nation is stepping to a lockdown situation and all the states have been on alerts by canceling the commotion of the people, suspending public services like malls, movie theaters, etc.

Major offices keeping this in mind have asked their employees to “WORK FROM HOME” to avoid further spread of Coronavirus. The employees from the corporate sectors are looking for software that can best fit their working environment at their home. Software engineers mainly require to connect with their team members. So keeping this in mind, here is the list of Best ‘Work From Home Software‘ during this Coronavirus pandemic which can be useful for you.

Best Work From Home Software

On looking to this COVID-19 issue many companies like Google and Microsoft have extended their services for a particular time to create ease for the employees to work from home. So, here’s the tally of best ‘Work From Home Software’:

#1.Microsoft Teams

This application is used in many of the private sectors and mainly comes with a paid membership which is taken care of by the company. This application is most suitable for communication purposes as it allows data sharing, and conference video calls along with the teammates. Microsoft teams come with the paid partnership which is offered by the company itself.

#2.Google Hangouts

This application being underrated yet delivers amazing services such as group chat and video conferencing with all the members and allows data sharing limit more than a normal email. For using this you need to have a google account and then you add your colleagues’ email along. And just like any other messenger, you can exchange messages with your team.


This application is one of the smooth running and more professionally built. It comes with limited free services and for other special features such as searching messages history, you need to pay a certain amount to unlock its paid version.

Work From Home like Software

Discord: This application allows us to call and connect with other co-workers and is widely used by gamers.

Facebooks Workplace: This application is slightly different from the messenger here you can manage all you work and communicate with your employees.

Basecamp: This is also used for communicating purpose and to collaborate with colleges

Other useful Work From Home Software

Most of the companies already provide their VPN networks which allow the employees to access the official web Application of their company and also a variable token to access login for security reasons although you might need a few paper works or documentation for which these Softwares will be a great help.

#1.Microsoft Office

This application is widely used by everyone and is the most common tool for a corporate worker. This comes with a paid version and you need to buy this application. The suite has several essential tools such as MS Word, Excel, Publisher and so on.

#2.G Suite By Google

This is a free tool available for google users that do not require to be installed in any of the systems all you need is an internet connection and it offers similar tools to Microsoft Office. Also, all the files and documents are directly saved on the cloud.

I hope that this software is helpful for you. Please let me know what you people use for Work from home.

Also please be safe from COVID-19 and keep doing something productive.

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Best Work From Home Software Coronavirus COVID-19
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Best Work From Home Software Coronavirus COVID-19
Work From Home Software Coronavirus COVID-19- Since the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is increasing day by day, work from home software
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